Exceptional Live Betting With SportyBet And Bet In Play On All Your Favourite Sports

Exceptional Live Betting With SportyBet

Sportybet offers exceptionally configured Live betting. Absolutely there’s nothing as interesting as watching a top league match or a final of a top sporting event on your TV…or is there? To add that little bit more interest why not try live sports betting? Watching the game, having that feeling that your team will score, and then making a live bet that wins is so rewarding; betting live really adds to the viewing experience.

Just because the match you wanted to place a bet on has started, it doesn’t mean that you should not place a bet at all. Sometimes, a card, a substitute or an injury can change the course of the game. With SportyBet’s live betting, you can place a bet while the game lasts, before the final whistle blows and earn so much.

Bet live at SportyBet on scores of live betting fixtures daily. With a huge selection of markets, you can bet live on top sports like football, basketball, rugby, cricket and tennis with the highest odds in Nigeria, only on SportyBet.

It’s easy to place a live bet with SportyBet, just pick the game and market you want, and then the odds are updated depending on what’s going on in the game. If your bet comes off, you are able to withdraw instantly, as we ensure withdrawal in 5 seconds! You can be able to bet live on your phones with our website www.sportybet.com or app, and even with friends in the viewing center.

So, go and take a look at today’s fixtures in your favourite sports and bet live with SportyBet to reap the benefits of your knowledge of the game and make your predictions.

How to Play “Live Betting”

  1. Click on “Live Betting” at the Home page.
  2. Select a specific sport you would like to bet on. Sports include Football, Basketball, Tennis, Rugby and Cricket.
  3. Select between “Multi View”, “Single View” (for live matches) or check our “Schedule” for all matches.
  4. Click on “Single View” to view the full market list for an ongoing match.
  5. Click on “Multi View” to quickly check the Match list and Market list of ongoing matches.
  6. Select a live match if you wish to check the real-time changes of such a match. Live stream and match tracker of events are available to you for your own reference.
  7. Choose events you wish to play and select the odds by clicking on them. The chosen selections (no more than 30) will be automatically added to the betslip.
  8. A message will be displayed to inform whether a bet has been successfully placed or not.
  9. Click on “Schedule” to check which matches will have live betting or to place a prematch bet for upcoming matches, including daily upcoming and next four days’ matches.

All you need to do is bet live once and you’ll want to keep winning that way! Enjoy the fastest live betting in Nigeria on SportyBet today, www.sportybet.com

Credit: SportyBet