Fomo Publishers Network: Adsense Alternative. Earn Up To $100 For Referral

This post is all about Fomo Publishers Network review. Fomo Publishers Network is another advertising network just like Google Adsense. But unlike Google Adsense which pay mostly from clicks, Fomo pay per impressions.

Fomo Publishers Network: Adsense Alternative. Earn Up To $100 For Referral

In this post, you will know how to become a Fomo ad publisher and how to earn up to $100 or more from Fomo publishers referral program.

You can call Fomo an alternative to Google Adsense, maybe the best alternative for now.

Fomo advertisers are charged per ad impression basis and publishers are paid a majority of the ad revenue.

At the time of writing this post, Fomo pays publishers $2 per 1000 ad impressions. Sometimes a single pageview can display 2-3 ads, therefore you can earn $6-$10 per 1000 ad pageviews. Doesn’t this sound cool?

How To Apply For Fomo Publishers Network

Applying for Fomo Publishers Network is fast and easy but approval criteria are not easy.

To apply, visit the publisher signup page and follow all the instructions prompt.

Click on the embed tab and copy the code to place on your website. Make sure you paste the code on the exact URL you used for signup.

If your site is approved, ads will start displaying and you will start seeing stats on your dashboard.

If your site traffic is mostly from the USA and other English speaking countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada etc, you have a better chance of approval.

Fomo Publishers Payout

Unlike so many ad networks such as Google Adsense, Fomo Publishers has no minimum payout threshold. Payment is once in a month and you can receive any small amount you earn for that month. Payment method is PayPal.

How To Earn Up To $100 On Fomo Publisher Referral

While waiting for your site to be approved, you can still earn from Fomo through referral. In fact, this is how most people who sign up for Fomo Publishers are using to earn.

You will earn $10 for every approved publisher who embeds the ad snippet on his or her website. Read that sentence again! You will only earn $10 if your referral’s website is approved for Fomo Publishers Network.

Fomo Publishers referral is legit. Below is the first payment I received after sign up.

Fomo Payment Proof

If you want to make money online without spending money, then you should try Fomo publishers network.

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