Google is Adding Native Foldable Device Support to Android


Google is Adding Native Foldable Device Support to Android

Google today announced that it will be adding native support for “foldables” into Android.

According to research, these are devices with foldable displays and brilliance, among notable companies and the likes of companies like Samsung and LG.

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There is a way to handle devices of this nature and here is how; these devices are folded, they look just like normal smartphones, but when you open them up, there’s a larger screen. The  basic idea is to seamlessly transfer the contents of the smaller screen onto the larger one.

Additionally, the good news is that most Android apps are already optimized for different screen sizes, resolutions, and aspect ratios. After all, Android is a very diverse ecosystem that ranges from low-end phones with low screen resolutions to flagship phones that are QHD. There are aspect ratios from 4:3 to 19.5:9, and screen sizes that go from a few inches to the size of a desktop PC.

However, native support and related assistance is something that’s meant to prevent fragmentation. If this doesn’t happen, then OEMs will have to create their own implementations, which could result in different experiences across the board. We’ve seen this before, with fingerprint sensors and screen notches, both of which started appearing before there was native support in the OS.

Google didn’t say when the feature will arrive, but it will presumably be soon, as foldable devices aren’t far away now.

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