How to Start Computer Training School

Comprehensive View of computer training school

Opening a computer training school is not as simple as it sounds. In this millennium, the ability to use and operate a computer system effectively has become a necessity to get jobs especially federal Government jobs. As the world advance and develop,majority of the industries and companies which had earlier failed due to lack of innovation  has shifted their business online for better exposure. The need for computers has increased and that is why most people seek knowledge on how to operate key technological device and start a computer training business.

Practically, Setting Up/ Starting/Opening Computer Education Training Institute-Centre, provides self employment opportunity especially to the proprietor. But people do not know “How to Open Computer Education centre?” or simply called How to Start Computer Training School.


A detailed and professionally written business plan can make the difference. A business plan is your compass to success, and the perfect blueprint. Obviously with your business plan, you  proportionally get overviews of the amount needed to start the business, this including the equipment, suitable business locations, strengths and weaknesses. However, not everyone can write a business plan perfectly. So it is best practice to hire the services of a professional business plan writer to avoid unnecessary errors thereby jeopardizing your efforts.

The best location for a computer training center business is one that’s out in the open, with lots of pedestrian traffic.

Please, make business registration a priority in other to avoid any sort it of legal issues in the future. Thanks to advancement in technology, you can easily register your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) online through their website. That means, you don’t need to visit the ministry at all.

A perfectly designed and organized certificate is a way of telling prospective employees and whoever is concerns that this individual is computer literate. Honestly, there is no computer training school either offline or online that runs a computer training center that doesn’t issue a certificate after the stipulated duration.

These equipment are what you need to start operation and will definitely take over 70% of your startup capital.

The size of your computer training center determines the quantity of these equipment.

  1. Computers ( Ensure that you buy the latest computers)
  2. Softwares
  3. Tables
  4. Computer desks
  5. Chairs
  6. Books
  7. Internet connection
  8. Business cards (For promotion)

This is done immediately you’ve gotten a space around your business location.

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Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Computer Training School

  1. The world is going digital. Almost everything is done with the computer and internet technology. The need to get information and record data into computerized programs is relevant in the global world.
  2. The knowledge of computers has become a requirement to get jobs in most industries. To get a job in a bank requires the job seeker to have knowledge of how to use the computer. Most businesses and agencies now operate their businesses on the computer with the aid of the internet. The need to have computer skill cannot be overlooked.
  3. Almost everything in the technological world is done with a software. There are software for typing and writing articles, for programming, for designing business cards and graphics, to trade forex etc. Most companies require some of the software to run their businesses.
  4. Students are always out for computer centers who will help with typing projects, making research etc.

Steps To Start Your Own Computer Training School

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  1. Have Computer Experience

Firstly, you must have knowledge of the basics of computers such as hardware, software, applications, programs, tools etc in order for you to be effective in teaching other people.

  1. Get A Location

Additionally, you must have a base and you can also choose to train your students offline with ebooks, videos, webinars, and online courses. But it is important that you should have a base for your computer school because not everybody has internet access to get your videos and stream your tutorials live from their location.

  1. Purchase Computer Equipment and Accessories

You will need to purchase computer equipment for your computer training school. Some of the equipment which you can get are computers, laptops, photocopy machine, tables, chairs, books, business cards, internet connections, computer software etc

  1. Register Your Business

Although this is not a basic requirement for starting your own computer necessary but it is important for your business to be registered because it shows people how serious you are in the line of business. Registering your computer training school makes your business a legal entity which will surely attract more clients and customers to you.

  1. Hire Your Staff

Computer is a big field. You cant handle it alone and expect it to function effectively. There are courses and fields such as peachtree accounting, web designing, programming, computer appreciation, computer hardware etc. You should do well to hire and employ the services of other skilled computer experts to assist you in your computer school.

We hope that these tips have been enough to enable you to understand the scope of the computer training business.