How to Start Metal Scrap Business In Nigeria And Make Millions

Overview of Metal Scrap Business In Nigeria

Do you know that Metal scrap business in Nigeria is a huge gold mine? What do you normally think of when you see some young boys, who come mainly from the northern part of the country to hunt for scrap metals and aluminum in your neighborhood? People will always say, “What hungry scavengers”? Think again! Metal scrap business in Nigeria is a very lucrative business especially in Nigeria and in order to succeed in this kind of business you need to locate any functioning metal recycling companies in Nigeria.

Honestly, venturing into this business demands a lot of inputs,certainly the payout is massive especially in the area of scrap metal exports or in simple terms exporting of the metal scraps from Nigeria to foreign countries. If you intend starting a metal scrap business in Nigeria you must ensure considerable amount of funds are made available. In addition to that joining a scrap dealers association in Nigeria will suffice.

The guys you see as hungry are actually making serious bucks while you’re wailing in pity.

You do not have to be dirty to be in this business. If you want, you can do that at the enterprise level too. However, it is important that you earn a lot of money. So, whatever you’re doing, drop it and come nearer. I want to show you exactly how you can do this business and make $1,500 every month without staining your clothing.

This post is short and to the point, so you want to start your own scrap and aluminum business anywhere in Nigeria after reading, without wasting time. I’m not asking anything from you except to tell others about this opportunity. There is no telling how many lives you will change.

What is the potential in this business?

Lets quickly  look at how to start the supply of metal scrap in Nigeria as another great stream of income for serious entrepreneurs. With this method, I want to show you that you will not only earn money, but also create jobs for other young people around.

Currently with the dilapidated and total collapse of the  iron mining industry in the country, rolling companies and manufacturers of steel have no choice but to use metal and aluminum as a good alternative, which is much cheaper. For this reason, more ordinary people live on providing these materials while keeping the environment clean.

If you can reasonably collect metal, copper or aluminum in sufficient quantities, you can be sure of decent money. You do not even have to transport because the companies you supply to will pick them by themselves. Your role is to take your profit after the sale. The metal is measured and each weight has a specific price.

These substances/things are collected everywhere in  Uyo, Calabar,Lagos and other Rural/Urban cities as garbage. If you want to hunt for them yourself, you’ll be sure to collect up to ten tons in one month and sell between $1,200 and $4,500 depending on the type of metal you have.

Kindly check the prices of Metal/Aluminum Scraps Below

1 Ton of metal = N38,000 – N42,000($105-130$)

10 Tons or Trailer load of metal = N360,000 – N450,000 ($1000-1450$)

1 Ton of Aluminum = N130,000(358$)

10 Tons of Aluminum = N1,400,000 (3400$)

What are the types of metals to supply?

Like I earlier mentioned, Metal scrap business in Nigeria is a very lucrative business and in order to experience total/complete success extreme caution must be taken especially when deciding the types of metals to supply. Ideally, aluminum and iron metal scraps are good deals. Try considering the  following types of waste metal  before kick starting your Metal scrap business in Nigeria.

Scrap Metal Business In Nigeria in the City of Uyo

Scrap machinery from construction companies. 
Electrical equipment. 
Scrap aluminum zink of all type.
Scrap electrical wires of all type.
Scrap auto spare parts of all type.
Scrap ship or plane parts 
Scrap beams, rods.


How to find the metals –

You need a few hands to help you in this. Recruit young and unemployed boys in your community and engage them in hunting for the material while paying them some money. It could be by the 30/70 formula – you take 30% while you give them 70%. That way they would be doing business and you will make good money from them.

 Scrap Metal Business In Nigeria
Scrap Metal Business In Nigeria

You’ll need a scrap yard where the metal and aluminum will be kept. A piece of land will suffice. Once you’ve got a team of boys and a place to collect your metals, you’re fine.

There is absolutely no need for other things as simple as these.

Here are few metal recycling companies in Nigeria

1. Maths Metals Recycling Ltd

Maths Metals Recycling specialize in recycling metal scraps into quality metals.

ADDRESS=>K/M 3 Shagamu, Ikorodu Road, Shagamu, Ogun State, Nigeria

Phone numbers=>+234 806 332 7043, +234 818 648 0724, +234 816 734 2323

2.Babs & Celia Trading And Contracting International

Babs & Celia Trading is a major supplier of metal scraps based in Port Harcourt Nigeria.

ADDRESS=>18, Ebara Orazi, Port Harcourt, Rivers

Phone numbers==>0805 633 1968, 0803 523 3491

3.Great Height Metal Works Nigeria Ltd

Great Height Metal Works Nigeria Limited is metal recycling company located in Lagos.

Plot 20 Mechanic Village Isolo, Oke Afa, Oshodi-Isolo, Lagos Nigeria.08129290735, 08183011022

4.Calzec Quality Metal Ltd

Calzec Quality Metal Limited offer Metal Cutting, Metal Waste Management and recycling.

3A Miango Road, Jos South, Plateau Nigeria. 08033343364, 08133553331


National Association of Scrap & Waste Dealers Employers of Nigeria (NASWDEN) coordinates and regulate the activities of scrap business in Nigeria.

132, Shagamu Road, Opposite Sawmill Bus-Stop, Ikorodu, Lagos State Nigeria.

08023042633, 08037203135