Key Steps on How to become a Catholic priest in Nigeria

How to become a Catholic priest in Nigeria

Do you really want to become a Catholic priest in Nigeria? Catholic priests are charged with the responsibilities of serving in their local dioceses and parishes. Duties performed by Catholic priests include serving mass and performing rites like marriage, baptism and funeral services.In the Roman Catholic Church, a priest must be male and unmarried. Get involved at your parish. Assess your beliefs. Attend college (recommended). Enter a seminary. Excel in seminary school. Become ordained as deacon. Enter the priesthood

Catholic priests are meant to live a celibate lifestyle to help them to counsel others to achieve the spiritual growth of the church.

How to Become a Catholic Priest

For a person to become a Catholic priest, such a man is required to have attained some spiritual and educational requirements in order to be qualified to become a Catholic priest. If you are an aspiring Catholic priest or you want to know about the requirements for Catholic priesthood, you should read this post to know about it.

For a man to become a Catholic priest, such a person is expected to be a devout and dedicated member of the Roman Catholic Church.

A prospective Catholic priest is expected to have a celibate lifestyle and must be willing to stay unmarried for the rest of his life.

In seminary schools, most persons are rejected and dropped while some others are picked. The admission requirements for the seminary vary by religious and diocese order.

Most times, accepted applicants are between the ages of 17 years and 55 years old. Different checks will be conducted to screen the applicants.

Applicants for Catholic priesthood will undergo checks on medical/health screening, psychology screening, criminal/crime background check etc. For you to become a Catholic priest, you will go through rigorous theological and religious study to confirm your calling to priesthood down to your ordination.

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Step by Step Guide On How To Become A Catholic Priest In Nigeria

  • Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

You are expected to have an educational qualification of a bachelor’s degree. Although the degree acquired may be in any field of study, but degree acquired from courses related to religious studies would be beneficial.

Most seminaries that educate priests do require that the incoming seminarians must have undergone undergraduate courses in philosophy, communications, and religious studies.

  • Register and Undergo Training At A Seminary

Aspiring and incoming Catholic priests may attend a seminary school before their ordination. The Roman Catholic Church requires that candidates for the priesthood must attend the seminary for four years. The seminary program of coursework in subjects like church history, preaching, pastoral studies, biblical studies etc.

Some other churches may not really require that their priests to receive training at a seminary but at the Roman Catholic Church, it is mandatory for Catholic priests to undergo teaching at a seminary.

  • Become Ordained

After undergoing the necessary training at a seminary school, there will be a preparation for ordination into the priesthood.

This ordination may be done during a mass celebration or some other religious ceremonies depending on the Roman Catholic denomination.

After the ordination, a priest formally receives the formal assignment and begins a religious life into the priesthood.

  • Handle A Parish

After the ordination, the seminarian becomes a priest. As a priest, he would be given a diocese or a parish to pastor.

Before handling a parish, you must have good skills in communication. You must be able to communicate and pass your message across to the congregation.

This is the basic steps on how to be a Catholic priest in Nigeria and other parts of the world.