Top 10 kind of Jobs Available for Nigerians Abroad

Top 10 kind of Jobs Available for Nigerians Abroad

 There are lots of Jobs Available for Nigerians Abroad. If you are a Nigerian or rather, if you happen to reside in Nigeria; you’ll be aware and conscious of the economic climate and the unemployment situation in the country. The unemployment rate is at a high rate and the challenge of getting jobs is becoming increasingly difficult. A lot of Nigerians have migrated and relocated to countries abroad in order to make ends meet. Although there are lots of high paying jobs in Nigeria,but getting this job isn’t easy.

What types of Jobs do these Nigerians do when they travel abroad?

As a matter of fact, there are varieties of jobs that Nigerian people can do in countries like Great Britain, United States of America (U.S.A), United Kingdom (U.K), Canada, China etc. Below is the full list of certain jobs that Nigerians can do abroad, they are;

1.       Farming

Farming is a type of job which most Nigerians are used to. They are good farms and agricultural sites for Nigerians to work in foreign countries and get paid handsomely. For example, a country like the United States has better farming machinery and equipment, this will enable a lot of Nigerians to work in the farm because they will not be using subsistence tools to work but mechanized farming tools.

2.       Factory Work

A lot of Nigerians are already used to hot and tough working conditions. Nigerians can also do factory jobs like offloading the loads or items in a truck, heavy-lifting, handling machines etc. Apart from Nigerians, most Africans are found in foreign factories doing menial jobs to sustain themselves. Honestly, Factory jobs is top of the list of Jobs Available for Nigerians Abroad.

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3.       Taxi drivers

Taxi driving is also one of the jobs a Nigerian can do abroad. With taxi driving, you can make as high as $1000 in a week in the U.S. Although, you should bear it at the back of your mind that you will need to have a driving license and driving experience before offering driving services in developed countries like Canada, U.S, U.K etc

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Top 10 kind of Jobs Available for Nigerians Abroad

4.       Mortuary assistants

Do you know that a lot of Nigerians earn a living abroad by washing corpses and dead bodies of people? Well, if you are brave and strong hearten, you can work as a mortuary attendant abroad to earn a living as a Nigerian.

5.       Nursing

No doubt about Nursing Jobs on this list as one of the Jobs Available for Nigerians Abroad. Nursing is a high paying job done by most Nigerian women abroad. Top nurses earn up to $50,000 annually, which is actually close to 20 million naira.

6.       Information Communication Technology (ICT)

Computer business services and ICT is a conventional way by which Nigerians make money abroad. This does not mean that it’s through advance free fraud or yahoo-yahoo, but offering computer and ICT business services such as digital marketing, programming, web designing etc

7.       Teaching

A lot of Nigerians who have acquired and gotten the western education to teach in foreign countries. While teaching, they also apply for postgraduate programs such as ODE, Ph.D. etc while they teach. Countries like China, U.S, U.K, Singapore etc have a good educational system. As a Nigerian in the diaspora, teaching will suit you in getting a job abroad.

8.       Security

Nigerians can also do security jobs such as bodyguards, security personnel, bouncers etc to work abroad. As a security personnel, you can get to watch over people, children, financial institutions etc.

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9.       Cleaning Services

Nigerians can also work as abroad as a cleaner. You can offer to provide house cleaning services and laundry services to people and get paid for your service.

10.   Ushering Services

Ushers are needed as protocols for events and ceremonies. As a Nigerian who is looking out for available jobs to go abroad, you can work as an usher in any available event around your location and get paid for it.

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