Top 10 Toxic Foods For Dogs

Overview of  Toxic Foods For Dogs

There are lots of top toxic foods for dogs.Have you paused to check out which foods are toxic for dogs? Or rather what foods should you never feed your dogs with? There are certain foods that are not to be given to dogs under any circumstance. Pay attention to this list of toxic foods listed below, it might be of help. Part of keeping your pet healthy is about knowing what you cannot feed them with.

By making sure you know the most toxic foods for your dog, you can make sure your pet stays healthy and avoids animal traumas or unnecessary health problems. The following are 10 common pet foods and household foods that are extremely toxic to dogs.

  1. Chocolate, coffee, tea, soft drinks and everything else with caffeine.
Toxic Foods For Dogs
Image: The Science of Mom

All these products have compounds that are known to be toxic to dogs and cause serious damage to the heart and nervous system. Make sure dogs do not get a bit of these things, be it in frosting, cocoa powder or even in milk with chocolate. The amount needed to affect a dog varies with body mass, but avoid them at all costs.

  1. Mushrooms
Top 10 Toxic Foods For Dogs
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These can even be fatal to the health of pets and dogs. Some species of mushroom are worse than others. Therefore, it is best to avoid getting your dog in contact with fungi of any kind. Make sure that dogs are not attracted to wild mushrooms, as they are toxic to any being, including humans.


  1. Onions and garlic
Toxic Foods For Dogs
Image: Onions and garlic

These can cause severe liver damage and death in certain amounts. Be sure to avoid that your dog eats any type of onion, whether dry, grated, on pizza or in any color. Look for the garlic and oil or garlic powder found in bread and other commonly prepared foods.

  1. nuts

Most nuts are toxic for dogs. Macadamia nuts are the worst. Nuts have compounds that accelerate the growth of bladder stones and weaken bones.

  1. Avocado and persimmon
Top 10 Toxic Foods For Dogs
Image: The Fit Fork

Avocados cause fluid retention in the lungs and are very toxic to dogs. Any part of them, including fruit, holes, sacks and leaves, is dangerous. The same goes for persimmon.

  1. Tomatoes, potatoes and rhubarb.

Tomatoes, especially immature green tomatoes, are poisonous and can cause all kinds of problems that can result in heart failure. Potato jackets are especially bad for dogs, as is the whole rhubarb plant. In fact, some parts of rhubarb are also toxic to humans.

  1. Grapes and raisins.
Top 10 Toxic Foods For Dogs
Image: CBS News

It is not known why grapes get dogs to fall sick, but they are still dangerous. If your dog eats it, you can take your dog to the vet to pump the stomach. Unfortunately, the effects are not immediately noticeable.


  1. Nutmeg

This occurs in several foods, especially during vacations. It can be deadly for dogs. Avoid feeding your dog friend with gingerbread cookies, eggnog and other nutmeg products.

  1. Alcohol

While this can happen in movies and on television, dogs should never drink alcohol in real life. Alcohol causes several behavioral problems (similar to humans) and can cause seizures, cardiac arrest and death, depending on the dog’s alcohol intake.

  1. Baking soda, baking powder and yeast.
Top 10 Toxic Foods For Dogs
Image: Flourish – King Arthur Flour

Propellants can cause serious gastrointestinal problems in dogs, including seizures, spasms, and heart problems. The effects may not be noticed immediately. So make sure you take your dog to the vet quickly.