Top 3 Tools For Unlocking Password On Windows 10

Overview on Tools For Unlocking Password On Windows 10

Unlocking password on windows 10 hasn’t been this easier. We’ve all try to do this before. You sit down to log into your Windows device, type in what you think is the password, and ooh, you realize you’ve typed the wrong windows password. The title of the article could have been “how to hack Windows”, but it was going to be too tabloid. What is true is that you do not have to be a hacker or a programmer like those who type crazily in movies.

I do not pretend to teach how to break into other people’s computers,although there are standard computer safety measures every internet user needs to know but it happens to many who forget their own password, or that a system problem occurs and files have to be recovered, or that (and this happens to the technicians) having to enter a computer without knowing the key.

All three methods work with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and 8.1, unless: it is a PC with UEFI and Secure Boot enabled and with boot options from disabled USB disks (although this can be activated), or that the Updated BIOS is protected with a password. Those are the safest and ALMOST foolproof ways to protect a computer.


To be able to use these methods you have to know how to access the BIOS options of the computer, allow booting from USB disks, and create a boot disk, either USB or a CD / DVD.

In this article I will tell you the different methods to recover your Windows password.



  • Reset Windows Password with Trinity Rescue Kit:


Another rescue CD very useful to have on hand. Although the latest version of Trinity Rescue Kit is from 2012, it is still in development and is still being modified.

Trinity Rescue Kit (TRK) is a free distribution of Linux (Live CD) used to recover and repair PCs whose operating system is Windows, but also to solve problems in Linux. Trinity has many applications from to change Windows passwords, to Antivirus, cloning tools for computers, tools to read hard drives, disk recovery tools, disk recovery, etc.

Tools For Unlocking Password On Windows 10

There are many software’s and ways to recover a Microsoft Windows Password … But this software is very easy to use … and this one is chosen to make the manual. A useful tool to have it in case of emergency and be able to reset passwords, recover data or clone discs.



  • Unlock Windows 10 Password With iSeePassword:


This password recovery tool is the best and solid program with the help of this tool you can easily recover your Windows login password or admin password. This password recovery tool supports the Windows 10/ Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP also. It provide the user-friendly interface, If you are interested then follow all the steps given below.

Step 1: First you have to download this recovery tool from its official website and install this software on another computer.(Or click here )


Step 2: After this , insert an external storage device like CD/DVD or USB drive and then start the program

3 Tools For Unlocking Password On Windows 10

Step 3: After select you USB drive and with the built in ISO image start burn your external device

Step 4: Now eject your external device and enter it to tour locked Windows 10 computer and reset your computer password with the help of reset disk.

3 Tools For Unlocking Password On Windows 10

(Note: You need to set the bootable USB to the first boot device on BIOS Settings)



  • Reset Windows 10 Password With PassFolk SaverWin:


If you are talking about the famous and best quality of password recovery tool, then Passfolk SaverWin  as a password recovery tool will the No 1 tool, Passfolk SaverWin is very reliable and free you can download it for free and recover your Windows password.

3 Tools For Unlocking Password On Windows 10

If you don’t have knowledge of computer or you don’t remember the previous password still you have a chance to recover your Windows password with PassFolk SaverWin password recovery tool. Remember one thing that PassFolk SaverWin password recovery tool will reset your password and you can use your computer without password.



Above all the best methods to recover your Windows password are given read carefully all these method and select the best method according to your situation and recover your Windows password very easily.

More and more friends are responding that iSeePassword and PassFolk are very helpful .