Automobile Accident Guide: What to Do After the Crash

Overview of Automobile Accident Guide

Automobile accident occurs regularly, but no one has the capability to envisage it occurrence. Frankly, Being in a car accident can be extremely traumatizing.Whether you’re a newly minted driver or one who’s been driving for years, you never can tell — you might get caught in an automobile accident one day. In case you become involved in one, here are some things that you should do after the said crash:

What to Do After the Crash

When you let panic take over you after you got involved in an auto accident, your initial tendency might be to get away from the scene of the incident itself as fast as you can. But when you do that, you risk facing criminal charges, especially if your car had accidentally hit a pedestrian and they either got injured or killed. So instead of fleeing from the crash site where your car accident happened, stop your car and stay put.

After remaining at the site of your car accident, check yourself, any passengers you brought along with you, and other drivers as well as pedestrians. Assuming you’re conscious enough to use your phone, dial 911 immediately if you or anyone else involved in the said incident has sustained any of the following serious injuries:

  • Whiplash or neck strain
  • Deep cuts caused by shards of glass or metal
  • Concussion
  • Broken ribs
  • Fractured arm or leg bones

Police and medical personnel should shortly arrive after the call. Paramedics will take care of anyone who got seriously injured and see who needs to be brought to the nearest hospital. Police officers will then investigate the crash site and file an accident report.

Also, contact an attorney from Legacy Lawyers or some other law firm for yourself and your car’s passengers if you or they had received any of the injuries mentioned above. A legal professional can help you most especially in the next step that you need to do after your car accident.

Automobile Accident Guide - What to Do After the Crash


Assuming you’ve had your car insured by a trusted provider, the law requires them to compensate you in cash the instant you get caught in a crash Save your auto insurance provider’s contact information on your phone and set it to speed dial so that you can quickly get ahold of them if an accident happens.

If you aren’t feeling unwell at all despite the automobile accident, you can talk to your insurer yourself. Otherwise, you should hand over your phone to any police officer who responded to your incident.

Your insurer will then ask you to submit a car accident claim to them. They’ll then use the said document as a basis to launch an investigation of their own that will determine how much money they’ll hand out to you for the damages and losses.

But in case they refuse to process the claim that you filed to them, the lawyer you contacted in the previously listed step will help you sort the said issue out until you get your rightful compensation.

Your car may have collided against someone else’s vehicle instead of a person or piece of property. To have a better chance of getting the car accident claim you submitted to be approved, you should collect the following useful information related to the said incident:

  • Full name, address, and contact details of the other driver involved
  • Name and policy number of the other driver’s auto insurance
  • Model, color, and plate number of the other driver’s vehicle
  • Date, time, and location of the auto accident
  • Full name and badge number of the police officer who responded to the crash site
  • Full name and contact details of any witnesses who saw what transpired during the automobile accident itself

You can consider typing all of the information listed above on your phone’s memo pad app. But if you still feel a little unwell to type those information, you can switch to using your phone’s voice recorder app and narrate the same information instead.

You can also use your phone’s camera app to take pictures of the location where the car accident occurred as well as other important details that your auto insurance provider might ask from you such as:

  • Damage incurred by your car as well as the vehicle of the other driver (preferably taken from more than one angle)
  • The license plate of the other driver’s vehicle
  • The extent of damage to public or private property if you didn’t get caught in a collision with another car


According to the World Health Organization, 20 to 50 million people all over the world sustain injuries after getting involved in a road crash with some of them becoming physically disabled afterward. No matter how mild or severe any injuries you’ve suffered, you’ll want to keep your mind present and do the things listed above.

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