Best LED Light Alternatives You Need to Know

Best LED Light Alternatives

Are you searching for the Best LED Light Alternatives? It is good to have options for everything, even for your lighting needs. LED light bulbs have enjoyed tremendous acceptance over the years because they are energy efficient, eco-friendly, durable, among other benefits. However, the number of Photographic gadgets have been increasing rapidly with the speed of light. If you are seeking alternatives to LED lighting, this article was written for you. Here are 6 LED light alternatives:  

Best 6 LED Light Alternatives

CFL Bulbs

An acronym for Compact Fluorescent Lamp, CFL bulbs are a common energy-saving lighting option. They are the arch-rival of LED lighting as well as LED light bulbs. CFL bulbs make use of up to 80 percent lower energy compared with the halogen type; owing to this fact, they are more cost-effective. However, some of their downsides are that a few of them can take some time to attain full brightness and are not usually the best for dimmer switches.

Wi-Fi “Smart” Bulbs

Many Wi-Fi “smart’ lights abound on the market, including a range of cheap lighting bulbs, Philips and Hive high-end smartphone connected lights, etc. By establishing connection with your mobile device using Wi-Fi, your smart lights will be remotely controlled allowing you adjust the brightness and color. The bulbs can equally be linked to other smart home gadgets, which will help you modify their color so they can match the music playing in your house or the movies you are watching on the TV. 

Induction Light

Induction Lighting is a reliable technology which has been in use for more than 100 years. Owing to technological breakthroughs in electronic ballast as well as generators, induction lighting is more cost-effective now than ever, which makes it a good alternative for commercial and municipal uses. It has been utilized, extensively, for street lighting applications in a number of continents, including Asia, Europe, and Australia. However, it recently started emerging as a top energy-efficient option in cities in North America, which strive to “GO GREEN”.

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A lot of people that see induction lights are enthused about its remarkable level of brightness and quality of the light. But when drawing a parallel between an induction light and a conventional lamp with the aid of a light meter, the former is typically measured as bringing forth less light than the latter.


Before the popularity of light bulbs, the use of candle light was very common. Candles proved quite beneficial to humans. Several cultural and scientific feats have been produced under candle light, like the way homes and offices are shockingly flammable. As candles generate heat, this could contribute to a greater heating and cooling bill.

The Sun

This enormous yellow star residing in the sky is also a great alternative LED light source. All you need do is, getting more windows installed in your office. Ensure that the windows are built with heat and ultraviolet (UV) light blockers so that the heating and cooling bill of your office will not be outrageously high. If you so desire, you may also allow some sunshine in by having a hole cut out in your roof. The sunshine will bring about a warm and bright ambiance in your home. However, your house will have to be sited in a sunny climate without any birds, pigeon droppings, rain, or snow. If not, those things can instantly constitute a nuisance for you.

The Moon

The Sun will not be up always; for this reason, when it is dark, you will have to rely on the moon, which is another amazing lighting source. However, you need to bear in mind that this source of light could be inconsistent. Thus, you need to plan ahead if you will be doing any everyday rituals, such as cooking and the likes.


If you are considering the best LED bulb for you, you keep in mind a number of factors like cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency, durability, and others. In spite of these important benefits of LED light source, there are still great alternatives to LED lighting you can also check out, such as CFL bulbs, induction lighting, candlelight, the Sun, and the moon.