How to fix your Facebook account with two-factor authentication


Social Media plays a vital role in our life these days. A number of Social Media Services have been introduced to help you protecting your data as well as making your accounts secure. But there are ways your account can be hacked. Facebook has introduced Two-Factor Authentication to provide security to its users. However, Here is how to Know Who Visited Your Facebook Profile (via Android App)

In this article, we discuss more the same. What is two-factor authentication security by Facebook?

Two-factor authentication is the security feature of applications and systems introduced to protect your account. Once you set up a two-factor authentication, you would be asked to enter a special code. You are asked to confirm this while your account login attempt is done each time someone tries to access the account form other devices like mobile or desktop. One also gets notified when anyone tries to login from a system it fails to recognize. How this authentication does works? Once two-factor authentication is enabled, anytime someone attempts to log in your account from a device like Desktop or mobile it doesn’t recognize, a code is sent via SMS to the device in which you would have set up two-step authentication. In case if someone attempts to log into your account via any web browser, they would be asked to enter a code generated by Facebook app logged in your device. What are the steps to enable Two-Step Authentication? There is an organized procedure to enable the two-step authentication for your Facebook account on your mobile device.

The following are the steps one needs to perform for the authentication procedure: Open the Facebook app on your mobile device. Tap on Menu Button. Search and tap on Account Settings. Tap on the Security. Search for the Third Party Authentication. Click on Third Party Authentication. Enter your account password Choose Continue. Enter Setup Now under on this device. You will be prompted to save a key. Enter OK. You see the default two-step authenticator. Open it. Go to any other different browser (other than not on your mobile device) and open Facebook. Log into your account and open Settings. Click on Security. Tap Login Approvals. Enable require a Security Code to Access My Account from Unknown Browsers on the screen. Tap on GET STARTED. Tap Continue. Enter your phone number in order to receive SMS with a code from Facebook. Do this only if you cannot use a code generator. Enter all the information correctly. Tap Continue. Wait till you receive a confirmation code. Enter the confirmation code and tap on Confirm. Click Close. If you are trying to attempt to log into Facebook using a browser, you’ll have to use a code generated by the Facebook mobile app code generator.

The steps for this are as follows: Open the Facebook app on your Smartphone. Click on the Menu Button. Scroll down to locate. Click on the code Generator. You get a code in the app that is valid for 30 seconds. Enter the code in the browser and press Ok. You now have access to Facebook on the browser.

Why does one need to use Two-Step Authentication?? Imagine your email account being hacked. What data has the hacker access to? Probably the username of all your accounts, personal photos, documents, personal information, credit card number, bank account details and many more. But remember the hacker now can also access your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram. They can even know about the places from where you logged into social media accounts. We fail to notice but most of our online accounts are interlinked. Hacking any one of them is surely going to give the person access to many other accounts of yours. You can say that once any of your accounts is hacked, your identity has been stolen and a number of consequences are possible. How to get a Facebook confirmation code?Facebook login code can be obtained in three ways: 1.Facebook can send a confirmation code to the number associated with your Facebook account. 2.The confirmation code can also be obtained using the authentic app, like Duo etc. The Facebook mobile app also generates fresh security codes. 3.It can also be obtained using a list of recovery codes downloaded while you back up your Facebook account. 4.One can also create a 2nd-factor security key to log into Facebook using USB. 5.One thing must be kept in mind that as the methods depend on mobile device, you must make sure to have one other method to log back into your Facebook account. I hope this article helps you in fixing your issues related to Facebook and you can now go for two-factor authentication to make your Facebook account secure.

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