How to Join the Nigerian Navy

How to Join the Nigerian Navy

Do you want to Join the Nigerian Navy? It’s awesome to be a citizen with rights, duties, and obligations. It’s even better to serve your country with your very best in sport, truth, security, loyalty etc. But one of the best ways is to serve and protect even in the deep blue sea.

The Nigeria Navy is a governmental department in charge of the sea force, ships, and personnel. Whose duties is to protect the territorial boundaries of Nigeria in both shores and vast oceans.
Having been established in the year, 1914, the Nigerian Navy originated from the then-Nigerian Marine. It’s no news that most graduate wants to serve but the application disqualifies a lot of people. This article will teach you how to apply for and join the Nigerian Navy, here are few requirements and eligibility specifications.

Joining the Nigerian Navy is open to both graduates and non graduates. For graduates that have completed their degree and have done their NYSC [Nigerian Youth Service Corp], there are lots of job position, not just a field agent.There are also lots of positions to be occupied like radiographers, Medical Laboratory Science Officers, Biomedical Engineers, Hydrographers etc. In order to join the Nigerian Navy, there are certain requirements , which acts as eligibility criteria.

They include the following listed in no particular order:

1. O’Level result
You must possess at least 5 credits including English and Mathematics in not more than 2 sittings in your WASSCE/NECO/NABTEB/GCE.

2. Age
Another prerequisite for you to join the Nigerian Navy is to be within the ages of 18 and 26. You will validate this claim with a birth certificate that has been endorsed by any of the relevant bodies such as the National Population Commission, the Local Government, and accredited hospital.

3. Marital status
You must be single as at the time of your application

4. Height
You must be at least 1.70 meters in heights if you’re a male or 1.67 meters if you’re a female.

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You must be physically and medically fit. If you have any of the following medical cases, you should not apply:
Sight problem;
Hearing difficulties;
Pregnant women
Previous major orthopedic operation;
Flat foot;
Fracture, stammering or any other natural disability;

6. Referees
Another step which you must take is to provide at least 2 referees.

7. State of origin
You must show your state of origin using an endorsement certificate for your local government.

8. Track record
You must have a clean record with no evidence of being sentenced to court or serving in the prison (ex-convict).
The Short Service Course takes 9 months (nine months) to complete.

If you’re qualified to apply, you can do your registration online at Then, you have to create an account, then log in with your newly created username and password, get your PIN and fill the required details in the form provided.

Then proceed to the aptitudes test. All qualified candidates will be invited for screening exercises and interviews. If you pass then congratulations, you are now serving your country as a cadet.


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