Bet9ja Virtual Football Betting Strategy

Bet9ja Virtual Football Betting Strategy

A Virtual Game is any game or betting product made available by Bet9ja on the Bet9ja Platform that allows real money betting by the Customer on simulations of the real life events or simulations of the real life gaming activity. For the avoidance of doubt, the Virtual Game does not need to have “virtual” stated in its title offers betting experience similar to the betting on real sports events or placing a real casino state, and is based on virtual sports match simulation or casino game simulation graphics and technologies. The Virtual Game provides computer generated presentation of a totally random draw result where the outcomes are decided by the numbers selected by an independently certified Random Number Generator. Each number can only be drawn once therefore a selection you chose can be allocated only one place in the winning results.

Additional Virtual Games may be made available by Bet9ja at any time together with any individual Virtual Games rules. In the event of inconsistency between these Virtual Games Terms and Conditions and such individual rules, the individual rules shall prevail. It is your sole responsibility to read and/or understand any applicable rules for any of the Virtual Games before placing any bets.

General Virtual Games Rules

Each event and/or race will have an introduction and the markets displayed; the event or the race follows the introduction.  Bet9ja will aim to settle all valid bets immediately after the event has finished but there may be delay in settlement.  After the result is shown, the introduction of the next race will start and the betting markets will be refreshed to show the next event’s betting options. Each result will be shown on Bet9ja platform for a short time only.

All bets on the Virtual Games must be initiated from the betting Account. The betting limits may apply; please refer to individual games’ rules for details. The bet is confirmed once it is validated by Bet9ja and a bet ID has been assigned to the bet. All validated bets will appear in your Account history. The absence of a bet in the account history and/or in Bet9ja records makes the bet invalid and void. Once the bet ID has been assigned to a bet, the bet cannot be changed or cancelled by the Customer. Bet9ja reserves the right to refuse part or all of a bet. Bet9ja has the right to void all accepted bets on an event at is sole discretion.

In the event of technical malfunction all bets shall be deemed void unless Bet9ja decides otherwise. Check your Account history for the record or placed and actually played bets. Bet9ja reserves the right to void any winnings that were obtained as a result of hardware/software error or malfunction. Players found abusing such errors/malfunctions are subject to having their Account closed and any deposits and/or winnings forfeited.

Without limits to the foregoing, Bet9ja reserves the right to void any bet if and without limitations:

•    Only partial or incorrect bet details are available;

•    Bet9ja has any suspicion that the customer is participating in fraud, collusion, money laundering, hacking of our software or other illegal activities;

•     There is any reason to believe the Customer opened the account fraudulently (e.g. is under the legal age);

•      Acceptance of the bet would exceed set game limits;

•      The stake amount is not available in the customer’s account;

•       In the event of an error;

•       If a technical defect or in-game malfunction produces excessive or irregular winnings.

Should a bet be settled incorrectly due to any of the preceding events, the settlement will be deemed as invalid and will be reversed. Should the customer have insufficient funds in their account to allow this, the Account will be updated with the amount due to Bet9ja and any future deposits shall be taken as the settlement of any of the amounts due.

The original stakes on all validated bets that have been voided, other than for the reasons of fraudulent activity on your part and/or an error, will be refunded to your Account.

Bet9ja may make available permanent or temporary bonus promotions or offers for any of the Virtual Games the “Bonus”). Such Bonus will be subject to specific bonus rules applicable for the relevant Virtual Game. Bet9ja reserves the right to terminate the Bonus any time.

Any abuse of the Bonus shall not be tolerated by Bet9ja. Bet9ja reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without limitation of Bet9ja’s rights under the General Terms and Conditions, to withhold the winnings, cancel the bets, nullify all and any bonus credits, and/or to close the Account if it has any suspicion or any reasons to suspect fraudulent, deliberate and/or dishonest activity exists. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Players using malicious software to guarantee bonus winnings.
  • Players using malfunctions within the game to guarantee bonus winnings or abusing the error
  • Colluding with other players or groups of players to develop a system where bonus winnings are ensured for multiple players.

Virtual Games Rules.

Bet9ja League

The Bet9ja League is a Virtual Game by where customers bet on the outcome of the virtual football games the outcome of which is decided by the Random Number Generator (RNG).

Each match has the following betting options:

Match result, GG/NG, Over/Under 1.5, Correct score, Double chance, Over/Under 2.5, Over/Under 3.5, Over/Under 4.5, Home Over Under/ 0.5, Home Over Under/ 1.5, Home Over Under/ 2.5, Home Over Under/ 3.5, Away Over Under/ 0.5, Away Over Under/ 1.5, Away Over Under/ 2.5, Away Over Under/ 3.5, 1X2 + Over 1.5, 1X2 + Over 2.5, 1X2 + Under 1.5, 1X2 + Under 2.5.

The outcome of each new event is fixed and does not change once it has been set. All odds are predetermined by the RNG.

Market explanations

Match result: You have to predict the final outcome of the match. The options are Home, Draw or Away. (Home – Home team wins, Draw – Neither team wins, Away – Away team wins).

Double chance: You have to predict the outcome of the entire match. There are 3 possible outcomes: 1X (at the end of the match the home team wins or draws), X2 (at the end of the match the away team wins or draws), 12 (at the end of the match the home team wins or the away team wins).

Over/Under:  You have to predict if the total number of goals scored during the entire match will be over or under the spread indicated.

Correct score: You have to predict the correct score of the entire match.

Home: Over/Under – You have to predict if the home team will score over or under the amount of goals indicated by the spread.

Away: Over/Under – You have to predict if the away team will score over or under the amount of goals indicated by the spread.

1X2 and Over/Under: You have to predict the whether the outcome of the match will be 1, X or 2 and also whether the total goals scored will be over/under the spread indicated.

Bet9ja Racing

Bet9ja Racing is a Virtual Game where customers bet on the outcome of pre-recorded races. Customers can select either dog racing or horse racing. Horses and dogs are differentiated through different numbers from 1-6. Once the race starts, the video feed displays showing the outcome of the race.

Each race offers the following betting options for customers to bet on: Race winner, Odd/Even, Over/Under, Double, Quinella, Trio.

Race winner: You have to predict which horse will horse or dog will win the race.

Odd/Even: You have to predict whether the winner of the race will be wearing an odd or even number.

Over/Under: You bet on the sum of the number for the horses/dogs that will finish in the podium with a spread of 12. Eg. If horses 6,4 and 3 all finish on the podium – that’s over.

Double: You bet on the 2 dogs/horses which you expect to finish first and second in the correct order.

Quinella: You bet on the 2 dogs/horses which you expect to finish first and second in any order.

Trio: You bet on 3 dogs/horses which you expect to finish first, second and third in the correct order.

Bet9ja League and Bet9ja Racing Bonus offer

Bet9ja operates the Bonus offer for Bet9ja League and Bet9ja Racing Virtual Games. The Bonus is available on Bet9ja Platform at all times unless terminated by Bet9ja.

Each bet placed by the Customer on Bet9ja League and/or Bet9ja Racing will assign a bonus level depending on the amount staked.  The Bonus has six levels and each one is equivalent to a bonus credits as specified in the respective game. The more you stake and the higher bonus level you are on, the more bonus credits you receive. In the event of inactivity for 48 hours, such as no new selections being made and no bets being placed, the bonus level resets to the first level automatically.

Once the Customer confirms a selection before placing a bet, the stake is removed from the account. You cannot cancel the confirmed selection. A percentage of the customer’s stake is immediately accumulated on the bonus bar. In case the Customer does not take any action in relation to the chosen selection, the bet is auto-played after 15 minutes of confirming the selection.

Your progress towards reaching 100% bonus credits is displayed on a progress bar. Only when you reach 100% bonus credits limit, you can deposit the accumulated bonus credits into your account balance.

Bet9ja may offer free bonus promotions to selected users; such users or group of users shall be determined by Bet9ja at its sole discretion and may be chosen at random. The free bonus use is subject to separate terms and conditions that will be made available to the users at the time of allocation of the free bonus promotion.

Virtual football is awesome, I prefer the virtual football to real football any time any day. Unlike real football, the outcome of virtual football matches are very easy to predict and with the strategy am about to show you. you will never loose in virtual football again.


The over 1.5 strategy is simple, with focus and concerntration, you could turn 1000 into 10,000 or more , all you need is focus.
After making series of research, we discovered it is impossible to always predict home win, away win or draw win . it is very confusing to predict if a team is going to win a match, loose a match or draw a match, but it is very easy to predict if a team will play over 1.5 any time any day.
The odds for over 1.5 are usually small, this is because the outcome is very easy to predict , the odd for over 1.5 starts from 1.09 and stops at 1.90, for 100% guarantee work with odd’s within 1.20 to 1.30 (guaranteed over 1.5 odds) The minimum odd to bet for over 1.5 should be 1.20 while the maximum odd should be 1.30.
Let’s assume a student or an employee starts the strategy with 1,000 and bets 3 times a day for 3 days or more

1bet > morning [before going to work/school ]
1bet > afternoon [work break / school break]
1bet > night [before going to bed]


Morning bet
Afternoon bet
Night bet
Day’s balance
Monday1,000 x 1.20
1,200 x 1.20
1,440 x 1.20
= 1728
Tuesday1,728 x 1.20
= 2,073.6
2,073.6 x 1.20
2,448.32 x .1.20 =2,9382,938
Wednes day2,938 x 1.20
= 3,526
3,526 x 1.20
= 4,231.2
4,231.2 x 1.20 =

if we contine betting this way, by sunday we shoud have made 46,005 or more. The returns might be little on your first week but after the first 7 days it become’s easier to make millions using this strategy


The disadvantage’s of this strategy is that the moment you loose a single bet you completely loose every thing in your bet account . The only way to avoid loosing any bet is to calculate the outcome of every match before betting.

If the chance’s of over 1.5 is high >bet on it
If the chance are low > avoid it


Using past matches and position on the league table, we developed softwares to help you calculate the out comes of matches. Every season virtual football changes the performance of each team’s. On a Season, a team could be the very best and most out standing after that season the same team could be the worst and most awful team. The over 1.5 calculator version 1.0 and 2.0 are completely free of charge. The free calculators are accurate but not 100% guaranteed due to lack of update and maintenance. virtual football changes from one pattern to another every season. The free version’s of the calculator will help you win 95% of the time’s, however due to lack of update’s and patches they are 5% chances of losing.

if you desire to keep winning without losing a single game we recommend you use the premium calculator -it is always updated, 100% safe and guaranteed.. We are not liable for any loss using the free version’s of the virtual football calculator’s Virtual football changes periodically, every change in team performance, movements and pattern is noted and updated to the premium over 1.5 calculator immediately .The calculator is always updated with latest hacking’s to help you calculate the outcome 100% accurately