Chemistry First Term Examination 2018 Academy Session

Class: SS1    Time: 1 hour 30min Subject: Chemistry

  1. ____ contains two or more different substances
  2. _______ is used to separate solid particles of different sizes
  3. A mixture whose constituents differs in colour, size or shape could be separated using the sense of _______
  4. When a mixture contains magnetic and non magnetic substances, the process of separation is called________________
  5. When crystals obtained are not pure the process is repeated until the desired level of purity is attained, this latter process is known as ____
  6. According to Boyle’s law, volume of a ______ increases as the ___ decreases and vice versa
  7. It is simply stated that, for a fixed mass of gas under any set of condition of V.P and I to the value of ___ much remain constant
  8. In ideal gas equation, four quantities are important to the experimental work. They are _____, _____,  ______ and ______
  9. How many atoms are there in 4.0g of carbon (c=12)
  10. The two classes of acid are ______ and ________ 

Section B; answer 4 questions only

  1. (a) What is an acid(b) List ten organic acids
  1. (a) What is chemistry

(b) List and explain 5 uses of chemistry in our daily life

  1. (a) Define homogeneous mixture(b) What is fractional distillation?
  1. (a) Define chromatography(b) State Boyle’s law
  1. (a) 885cm3 of gas have a pressure of 485cm3 Find its volume, if the pressure is reduced to 750 mmHg

(b) State Dalton’s  law of partial pressures

  1. (a) State Avogadro’s law

(b) Define hydroscopic substance 

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