Creative Arts First Term Examination 2018 Academy Session

Class: JSS1    Time: 1 hour 30min Subject: Creative Arts

  1. Dran is a Greek word that means _______________________
  2. Theatron is Greek word that means _____________________
  3. ______ is the group of people who watch a play in a theatre
  4. ________ and ______ impersonate and imitate in a theatre
  5. ________ is the first person in the chair of drama/theatre production
  6. Drama informs the _____ about happening in their society
  7. Drama of _______ makes people relax and enjoy themselves
  8. Rama as documentation is used to preserve __________________
  9. Drama leaches, instructs and ________ people in order to cause a positive change in the society
  10. Drama is also aimed at relieving people’s ______ and sorrow
  11. _____ is the logical arrangement of actions in a play
  12. The place where theatre performances are carried out is called _____
  13. The kind of drama that is not written on paper is called _____ drama
  14. ___________ is a play that has a bad ending
  15. _____ are clothes worn by actors on sage
  16. Drama is either scripted or _______________________
  17. _______ is the first Nigerian playwright
  18. An improvised drama is also called ______________
  19. The act of creating drama is called _________________
  20. The executive producer ____ the drama production

Section B: answer only four questions and questions 5 is compulsory

  1. (a) Define the term drama (b) list out 5 functions of drama (c) who is an actor/actress in theatre
  2. (a) Outline the elements of drama (b) mention two types of drama and state the differences between them (c) list types of costume and explain them briefly
  3. (a) State the types of make-up (b) define the term dance (c)draw the chart of drama personnel
  4. (a) list and explain 5 function of drama personnel (b) define the term drama production (c) mention six types of local crafts and their uses
  5. Draw anything that is being placed in front of you in your drawing book


Class: JSS2    Time: 1 hour 30min Subject: Creative Arts

  1. _____ long thin mark on a surface made by
  2. ______ is the form of the outer edges or surfaces of something
  3. _______ is the light variations in s piece of art work which is made to be seen (visual art)
  4. Another name for value is _____________________
  5. The way a substance or the surface of something feels when touched is called __________
  6. ______ colours are red, yellow and blue
  7. Intermediate colours become intermediate when a ______, ______ and _______ colours are mixed
  8. Yellow + green forms____________
  9. _____ can be simply described as an opened place or distance between or around the elements of art
  10. The external surface of a three dimensional art is referred to as _______
  11. ____ is the principle of art that emphasises stability in an artwork
  12. _____ occurs when an artwork emphasises balance at the centre
  13. _____ is defined as the guidelines that help artist to use the elements of art in the production of artwork
  14. ____ refers to as visual pigment on a surface, shape and design that results from the way they reflect light
  15. _____ is used to described how light and dark a colour is
  16. An aspect of fine art that involve the use of colours or paints to make picture or artwork is called _______________
  17. _____ is an important aspect of painting and designing
  18. _____ involves the aspect of art using skill and imagination to express ideas in fine-art, music and theatre
  19. The aspect of non-visual art that has to do with literature which includes all forms of writing, such as poetry, folklore and creative writing is called __________
  20. _____ is a kind of art where a lot of skills and creativities are put together to entertain the audience with comic or tragic plays

Section B: answer only four questions and questions 5 is compulsory

  1. (a) Define element of art (b) with illustration, explain two types of balance (c) outline atleast 5 types of colours and explain 3 with examples
  2. (a) Define the term line with an illustration (b) Define shape and draw 3 examples (c) state three difference between materials and tools
  3. (a) Discuss local sources of tools and materials (b) outline the 4 forms of art and explain 3 (c) in one sentence for each explain the following (1) primary colour (2) secondary colour (3) intermediate colours (4) complementary colours (5) tertiary colour (6) harmonious colour (7) neutral colour (8) form (9) warm and cool colour (10) space
  4. (a) Outline 4 methods of shading and explain 2 listed (b) define painting (c) explain the term hue
  5. Draw any nature drawing (object) that appear to you


Class: JSS3   Time: 1 hour 30min  Subject: Creative Arts

  1. ______ refers to the arrangement of actions and events in a dramatic work in a sequential order
  2. ______ is the process of attributing roles and features to different characters in a drama
  3. Remarkable and impressive things that can be seen in a performance is called
  4. ______ is the combination of two forms of drama
  5. _____ is the sequential arrangement of actions in a drama
  6. Without_______, there is no dance-drama
  7. In dance-drama, performances dance to ________________
  8. ______ is define as a visual expression of idea with the use of lines on any surface like paper etc
  9. The type of shading that makes use of strokes running from various directions and crossing each other or the drawn object is called ________
  10. The process of making use of lines and strokes that are facing the same direction on the drawn object when shaded is called ______________
  11. ______ are refers to natural scenery that has a wide view like rivers, sky
  12. ______ is the drawing that shows a distance in a picture by making a far object to appear or look small
  13. _____ refers to a unit of design done repeatedly to create a pattern or an art work
  14. Patterns generated through the drawing of abstract images that are imagined a conceived by artists is called ____________________
  15. _____ is an art of using letters of the alphabet to form inscriptions
  16. The art f producing attractive packs, containers, boxes to enclose house or protect products for use sale, distribution or storage is called _______
  17. ______ art can be defined as an artwork made of solid materials, such as clay and concrete that has length, breadth and depth
  18. Clay is a type of soil found in ____________ and _______________
  19. _____ is a mechanism that is often used in constructing letterings
  20. _____ deals with lines and forms of an object to be draw

Section B: answer only four questions and questions 5 is compulsory

  1. (a) Explain in detail, the importance of dance-drama (b) in dance-drama, action and movements are very important. Discuss briefly (c) List 4 types of drawing
  2. (a) List and explain 3 techniques of life drawing (b) define landscape (c) outline 2 types of perspective and explain
  3. (a) Define motif (b) state 3 uses of motif (c) list and explain 6 types of motif or pattern repeat
  4. (a) Define lettering (b) list the parts of a type face or lettering (c) define three dimensional art
  5. Draw imaginative drawing of your choice.

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