How to Start A Pure Water Business in Nigeria

How to Start A Pure Water Business in Nigeria.

Starting a tedious business such as pure water business in Nigeria is really a tedious one. Unlike transportation business, pure water business is also very lucrative and time consuming. Have you ever considered establishing a pure water business in Nigeria? Some people find themselves today in poverty because they are still not sure of the profitability of the company, regardless of the amount of money at their disposal.

However, greater part of this population  dont have this money and are very much looking for it to start their dream business. Whatever category you are in, this business guide on How to Start A Pure Water Business in Nigeria will benefit both categories.

Pure Water Business in Nigeria

Starting a pure water business in Nigeria is very profitable but it needs  considerable amount of money to run it effectively. However, having adequate finance alone isn’t enough, there should be availability of efficient technical team, good machinery and a very solid water purification system. According to valid feasibility studies, approximately, millions of sachets pure water are consumed every day. The high demand for sachet water continues to increase because of the rising population of the country.

How to Set up a Good Pure Water Business in Nigeria.

1. Factory Location

In order to set up a standard pure water business in Nigeria, you will need a special place for your pure water plant, since it is against the NAFDAC rules to establish your pure water plant in your home. However, if you have enough space in your home, you can simply create a place to be used specifically for your pure water business, but if you do not, you will have to buy land and build a plant. You do not need an elaborate building; a small bungalow with some rooms should be enough. However, it is important that the place be kept in good hygienic conditions.

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2. Source of Water

Water is the basic raw material in the world. You would need a constant source to clean water. Although some pure water manufacturers use wells and other sources of water supply, this is not advisable. It is always better to dig a well that ensures you have access to clean water at all times.

3. Water Purification System

What makes your water different and salable is the fact that it is purified. Therefore, you need a very solid water purification system. There are several methods of water purification such as distillation, reverse osmosis, carbon filtration, ultraviolet light filtration system and many others. You should carefully study each method and choose the one that suits you best. However, ultraviolet light filtration and reverse osmosis are the most commonly used water filtration systems in Nigeria.

Pure Water Business in Nigeria
Pure water factory

4. NAFDAC Registration

Then you must register with the Food and Drug Regulatory Agency of Nigeria, NAFDAC. Without the approval and certification of NAFDAC, you cannot produce pure water in Nigeria. Therefore, you should go to the nearest NAFDAC office to obtain a list of your approval requirements or to download it from their website. This is the most important step in creating a pure water business in Nigeria and would cost at least N30, 000.00

5. Water Sealing Machine

You would also need a good sealing machine for your plant. There are different types of sealing machines, from the smallest to the largest and the most automatic. However, it is recommended that if you can afford it, you need to buy one of these specialized automatic lines for pure water production with multiple functions such as filling, sealing, counting, container cutting and bag manufacture. It would cost about N500, 000.00

6. Factory Workers

There are many procedures involved in pure water manufacturing even using an automatic line and trust me when I say that it is not something that a person can handle. You will need people to help you with loading and unloading, counting, driving, accounting and supervision. Therefore, be prepared to hire people to help you with these functions.

7. Distribution Van

Another thing you would need is a delivery van to help you deliver products easily to customers. A medium-sized truck should do.

8. Distributors

It is always useful to have registered distributors with you, as this is the foundation of your pure water business in Nigeria. These people get their products at special and reduced prices and, in turn, sell to others to make a profit. Having distributors would guarantee a quicker and easier distribution of your products.

In conclusion, In order to startup a pure water business in Nigeria from scratch is  unarguably  a long journey. But that does not mean you should not try, because if you do, success awaits you, I assure you certainly. Projects like this, if executed correctly, can be very rewarding and profitable.