Top 10 Lucrative Businesses In Nigeria With Low Investment

Top 10 Lucrative Businesses In Nigeria With Low Investment

There are lots of lucrative businesses in Nigeria.Business owners, entrepreneurs, and businessmen have always been on the lookout for low investment businesses with high profit.
If you are looking for a profitable business to do in Nigeria with small capital, you should consider staying on this page. In today’s post, you will know about the low investment businesses in Nigeria that can fetch you high profit within a short period of time.

Nigeria is a middle-income, mixed economy and emerging market, with grossly expanding and manufacturing potential. Also its financial service, communications, technology and entertainment sectors are gradually getting more solid as the day goes by. It is ranked as the 30th-largest economy in the world in terms of nominal GDP, and the 23rd-largest in terms of purchasing power parity.

There are a lot of unemployed people in Nigeria. And when I think about this, it really saddens my heart because I strongly feel that there are lots of business opportunities and untapped ideas that the average Nigerian can tap into and start making some money from, however small.


Top 10 Lucrative Business Ideas For Nigerians With Low Investment

1. Graphic Design Business

This is an online based business which has fetched money for so many people. The reason is that day after day, graphics designers are wanted as their services needed for different projects in different fields.
Graphics designers design logos, business cards, banners for people. Graphic designing can be done offline and online. Offline graphic designing is all about setting up a graphic designing outfit to get customers and clients around your location.

On the other hand, online graphic designing is all about working from home to get your clients online on social media and freelance platforms. Graphic designing can be done in any location, all that is needed to get started is a decent laptop or a computer system, photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw etc.

2. Day Care Business

Starting up a daycare business is one of the profitable businesses for anyone to do here in Nigeria.
A daycare business can be started from home if you have a spacious apartment. Most parents are busy with work and different activities of the day; if you get to set up a daycare business around your area, you could earn something from it and even make additional money for yourself when you teach the toddlers.

3. Tutorial Centre

Setting up a tutorial center is an ideal business idea for learned and educated people to teach and tutor students away from their school.
You can choose to be a private tutor who will teach students in their homes or choose to go on a larger scale by setting up a spacious room for a class which would shelter many students to receive lectures from you.

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4. Snail Farming

Snail farming doesn’t require large capital for a startup because you can actually start up your snail farming business from the backyard of your house. Snails reproduce in hundreds and they are highly demanded in places where they are consumed like markets, restaurants, and hotels.

5. Poultry Production

Poultry farming is one of the profitable businesses to start up in Nigeria. If you intend on starting poultry production on a small scale with low investment, you should get young chicks, construct a cage and pen and get some feeds for the chicks.

6. Barbing Business

One of the hottest businesses to do on the streets is to start a barbing salon.
As a barber or hair stylist, you get to shave beards, dye hair, cut people’s hair and style the hair like making dreadlocks and braids on the human hair.
All you need to get started is a decent shop location, clipper, mirror, and other barbing tools.

7. Mobile food vendor

You would agree with me that Nigerians don’t joke with the “stomach infrastructure”.This is why a mobile restaurant would be a great idea especially for the working class ones who barely have enough time to grab a bite before leaving their homes every morning.

8. Online tutoring

This is another business that is fast gaining a strong reputation in Nigeria. It involves training people on short courses, helping students with assignments and projects and basically imparting knowledge over the internet.

9. Fitness and beauty consultant

Call us vain but we are Nigerians and we love looking good. Ten years ago, this kind of business may not have made sense, as fitness was kind of an alien concept to Nigerians. But these days, just claim you have any product that would make people slimmer, lighter, have flat abs, pink lips, long hair, full lashes or enhance the body in anyway; you would have dozens of Nigerians swooning to you like bees do to honey.

10. Mini importation

Lastly, you can start a mini-importation business and start making money from importing items like laptops, phones, computer and electronic gadgets and accessories, clothes, shoes, jewelries and any other hot selling product in Nigeria.