Top 10 Best Sneakers to Buy in 2019

Top 10 Best Sneakers to Buy in 2019

Sneakers have been the simplest shoes to wear these days.  It takes over 65% of peoples’ shoe closets. Although other shoes like the black heels, the snow boots, and even ballet flats have come be the major competitors of sneakers, sneakers still maintain the best shoes to have since it hardly selects dresses, location and or individual.

New companies are evolving with new sneakers every week of the month, therefore there’s of release to keep your rotation fresh. The funniest thing is that some kicks are only hyped for no just cause and they try to stay on your mind for that reason and feet for the long haul. While we can’t always predict what a classic becomes, sidestepping the hype train is a tactful way to buy new sneakers.

With that said, below we’ve included a list of the Top 10 best sneakers to buy in 2019. These aren’t just-this-minute releases, but they’re all fresh.

1. Common Projects Original Achilles

Image result for 1. Common Projects Original Achilles

With the Achilles from common projects, you can’t go on outing without wearing them. They make your walk smooth even on high hills. The minimal white leather upper is combined with gold stamped serial numbers on the heels, leather linings and rubber soles. They fit almost all kinds of weather, be it spring nor summer. This company is well known for their high reputation they have got from producing quality sneakers over the years.

2. Nike Air Max 95 OG Grosgrain-Trimmed Sneakers

Image result for 2. Nike Air Max 95 OG Grosgrain-Trimmed Sneakers

Of all the Nike’s brands of shoes, the Nike’s Air Max 95 ranks number 2 on our list of the Top 10 best sneakers to buy in 2019. This shoes surpasses all kinds of occasions, be it aesthetic or athletic spectrum, you can’t afford to go out without rocking on this grosgrain-trimmed color-way sneakers.

3. Y-3 Kusari Boost Sneakers

Image result for 3. Y-3 Kusari Boost Sneakers

If you ever want to maintain a good collection of shoes in your closet, do not forget to include the Y-3 Kusari Boost Sneakers. This is one of the best and trending sneakers to buy in 2019. This sneaker has it laces secured with grosgrain piping along the upper which is complemented with off-white suede trim.  The paneled neoprene upper is combined with mesh for a design that’s both soft and textured.

Boost midsole is one of the details that makes Kusari an outstanding sneakers to buy. The kusari does not only provide comfort to your feet but makes you feel good when walking on them. It’s a stand out among its contemporaries in the fashion world.

4. CRIME LONDON Force low top sneakers

Image result for 4. CRIME LONDON Force low top sneakers

These fantastic sneakers were first made by two sisters who happen to come from Italy, though the inspiration of making these sneakers came when they were in the university in London. These low top sneakers are made from premium full-grain leather, and with black accent on the heel.

If you should create a list of sneakers to buy in 2019, kindly include the Crime London Force Low top sneakers.

5. Nike Air Vapormax 97

Image result for 5. Nike Air Vapormax 97


It’s not a new name to the public or to you if you love to rock sneakers. The Air Max 97 is the beloved silhouette of sneaker heads. So, if you decide to rock it, you should do that with a fresher and a more advance Vapormax97 than mid-sole. These fantastic looking Nike Air sneakers come in different varieties of styles and colors, like the canvas and faux-leather upper in white, purple and silver tones and are a solid combination for a sporty ‘fit, or just a pure street style look.

Outside the intense varieties of purple strewn there’s a clear rubber Vapormax midsole to give comfort while rocking it. Its does not really select dresses. It fits almost all varieties of dress codes.

6. Balenciaga Speed Sock

Image result for 6. Balenciaga Speed Sock

This is one of the most popular sneakers to buy in 2019. These stylish pieces of sneakers are loved by a lot of people and to that regard was rated the best sneakers for men on the top ten sneakers to buy 2018. The Balenciaga’s Speed Sock is not hyped for nothing. The slip-on sneaker features a knitted sock-like upper paired to a chunky, angular mid-sole. This makes it actually comfortable and is stylish enough that you’d still look dressed up even if you dressed it down.

7. Off-White high-top sneaker

Image result for 7. Off-White high-top sneaker

While you might have been caught up with all the hype of the Virgil Abloh x Nike “The Ten” collab, this high-top sneaker from Abloh’s Off-White brand is a solid investment. With typically ironic detailing we’ve come to expect from the brand, this is a true fashion sneaker in every sense.

This pair has ridged white rubber soles, a red zip tie on one shoe and a spare set of bright-green laces on the other. While you might have trouble copping this directly from the brand’s webstore (keep an eye out for restocks), you can find it directly at the link above.

8. Balenciaga Race Runner

Image result for 8. Balenciaga Race Runner

Here comes the second version of Balenciage. It’s called the Race Runner. Worn by famous celebrities, the Italian-made sneakers is soft and light enough to take you down the aisle. Adding this piece of sneakers to your shoes closet can definitely give you that sense of love for the shoes. It’s available in different colors, like the neoprene version of the navy color-way, leather and mesh and also features elasticated strap detailing around the upper. Finishing touches include suede at the heels and rubber outsoles.

9. Adidas Originals NMD CS1 Gore-Tex

Image result for 9. Adidas Originals NMD CS1 Gore-Tex

Adidas is never found in the list of the best cheap sneakers, as it is practically one of the most expensive sneakers to buy. Worn by a lot of celebrities, it leaves you with no choice than to get more pairs. This very version of Adidas comes equipped with Gore-Tex linings, meaning you’ll have extra waterproofing over the standard model (great in the spring).

Though expensive, it still remains affordable and it is the favourite street wear brand to many people. Adidas Originals NMD CS1 Gore-Tex is the very best version of Adidas that has ever been produced.

10. Gucci Rhyton

Image result for 10. Gucci Rhyton

In 2017 we saw oversized logos make a splash not only on the runway, but also across some of our favourite sneakers. The Gucci Rhyton was no exception, with the kicks receiving several different logo combinations that are impossible to overlook. In contrast to the more subtle graphics printed on the Gucci Ace, the Rhyton is all about extroverted branding and perfect for posting on the ‘Gram.

If you need to stock up your shoes closet, consider the list of the Top 10 best sneakers to buy in 2019. Some are expensive but affordable with comfort to walk in. Let’s know your view about the above list in the comment box below.