Top 10 E-commerce Plug-ins for your Online Stores

Top E-commerce Plug-ins for your Online Stores

E-commerce Plug-ins are needed if you want to build an online store for shopping. You can’t do without them… Plug-ins allow you to build your website easily and to a top-notch standard. They make your work easier. In this article, we will be walking you through the ultimate list of super E-commerce plugins that you can download and install on your website to start making money. These Plug-ins help you to make your life as an online store owner easier. There are several of them out there in the market but in this article, we will be looking at just 10 of them. These plugins can be installed on a WordPress site and you can have access to them right there on your WordPress dashboard. These Plug-ins will help you to make your online business shop more effective, appealing and functional. Below are ten of them listed for you;

1. WooCommerce.

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WooCommerce is called the King of E-commerce Plug-ins. WooCommerce is usually installed by lots of online stores powered by WordPress. It is a very popular plug-in used by majority of online shop owners. This plugin created by WooThemes was created in 2011 and it powers 8% of all the E-commerce websites all over the world. The price for the WooCommerce plug-in is free. You can use WooCommerce on your blog with having just a few number of products to sell or you can use it on your online store with thousands of products. WooCommerce is the best Plug-in.

2. Product Countdown WordPress Plug-in.

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You can sell more products on your website by creating the scarcity atmosphere. What this Product Countdown Plug-in helps you to do, is to add a deadline to your product and put it in form of a clock counting down on your product. This Plug-in obviously can be used for only a few products and not for too many products. This plugin is useful for E-commerce as it drives in traffic to purchase your product through the illusion of scarcity. People will definitely rush whatever you are selling.

3. WP E-Commerce.

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This is the native WordPress Plug-in for E-Commerce site. This plug-in is created by the WordPress developers and is very similar to WooCommerce. There are certain features available to WooCommerce users that WP E- Commerce users don’t have access to for free. For example, product reviews is a free feature on WooCommerce but on WP E-Commerce, it is a premium or paid feature. The premium plan for this plugin is $49 per month. WP E-Commerce is another great plugin to have on your online store.

4. MemberPress

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This E-commerce plug-in allows you to sell products based on their subscriptions to your website. This is very useful if you only want to sell your products to those already subscribed it. This subscription based method of selling is becoming very common in the world of blogging now. It increases sales and leads and is very good at increasing conversion rates. MemberPress supports PayPal, Stripe and as payment gateways. READ ALSO: Ecommerce Design Mistakes that Could Be Killing Your Sales

5. Easy Digital Downloads.

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This E-commerce plug-in is solely for selling digital products like Videos, Ebooks and so on. It is not for physical products. Some features that EDD plug-in (Easy Digital Downloads) offers you are; You can make galleries on your shopping store, send an instant E-mail to the buyer of your digital products with a download link of your product, you can sell music with this plugin. It has dozens of add-ons on its library extension, plenty of the payment gateway options and many more. It comes in the free and premium package.

6. ECWID E-commerce Shopping Plug-in.

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One of the advantages of ECWID shopping plug-in is that you can use it to create an online store on so many content management platforms like Tumblr, WordPress, Drupal and so on. ECWID is different from WooCommerce in this respect. WooCommerce is purely and solely for WordPress sites. The free plan of ECWID is that it can allow you to put up 10 products and sell it on your website. If you want to put up more products that are more than ten, then you have to pay for the premium package.

7. Cart66 Cloud.

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Cart66 is very easy to setup and suitable for beginners in the online shopping world. It is for the common online user and is very easy to understand unlike WooCommerce which is for online shop developers/ experienced people. The Cart66 plugin has a marketplace online where you can buy the plug-in and other Cart66 related stuff. The Cart66 plugin comes for free but to get better features and certain services, you can get the premium Cart66 plug-in for $49 a month.

8. BigCommerce WordPress Plug-in.

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This E-commerce plug-in is very similar to ECWID plug-in where you can sell your products on numerous sites and control everything from just one dashboard. BigCommerce is a content manager system on its own just like WordPress. BigCommerce provides domain and hosting for its customers so that they can build their online shops entirely on their platform but recently, they have added the WordPress feature. This is so that some of the users can use the BigCommerce plug-in on their WordPress website.

9. WP EasyCart Shopping Cart & E-Commerce store. 

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This is another plug-in that allows you to create a small online shop right there on your WordPress. It allows email marketing integration with MailChimp. Also, Tax Cloud and Shipstation integrate well with this plug-in to create the perfect online store. You can also add downloads and subscriptions too.

10. JigoShop.

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Jigoshop is the oldest and first e-commerce plugin for WordPress that helps you to create an online store. It is a plug-in that is open source and free. This plug-in has themes you can use for your online shopping site that costs anywhere from $0 to a few tens of dollars. It is one of the best E-commerce plugins in the market. It has an extension library where you can add payment gateways, shipping and so on to your website. JigoShop is another top plug-in you can add to your website.


Looking at this list, you can see that the ten e-commerce plugins listed are just perfect for any online store. For many of these plugins, you can integrate downloads, paid subscriptions, Ebooks, digital products, physical products and so on, into the store. Choose whichever plug-in that you feel suits your needs.