Top 10 Low Quality Wrist Watches to Avoid Buying

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When it comes to picking high quality watches over low quality ones sometimes could be a difficult task. This is quite true because some fake and low quality watches could look more like the original and high quality watches. Some of the watches are gold and or silver coated watches which may twist your view to picking the wrong watch.

When it comes to avoiding low quality wrist watches, what you really have to look at are the looks and feels of the watch before you consider the company brand.

The mistake you wouldn’t want to make is buying a watch that just makes you look cheap. I’m talking about the oversized, fake gold, plastic stone-encrusted watches. There is no humanly possible way to look good wearing these. They are a mistake — in other words — avoid them like the plague.

You are reading this post because you do not want to buy knockoff which is another name for low quality watches. While you may be able to trick the average consumer into believing you’ve got a real Rolex on your wrist, anyone who knows a thing or two is never going to take you seriously. Wearing a knockoff is like trying to pay your check with Monopoly money. The second someone notices it, you’ve lost all credibility. If you want to be taken seriously, avoid the fraudulent watches because in the end, you’re going to look like a joke.

In order to help you make the right choices to avoid buying low quality wrist watches, we have compiled a list of watches you should avoid when buying watches.

Top 10 low quality wrist watches to avoid buying

  1. Timex TW2P58700AB

This could also be called a beginner’s watch. It has a classic analog face and a beautiful leather strap which still does not make it a good quality watch to buy. Though it is water resistance, it is just a casual watch to wear.

  1. Timex Expedition

Timex expedition is another low quality wrist watch to out on a blacklist when buying wrist watch. However, it comes in various colours and styles of about 16 different colour combinations and styles. This watch is cheap that it is worn by an average person on the street. Its affordable price contributes to the devaluation of the quality of the watch.

3. Nixon Men’s Time Teller P Midnight Ano Watch

This watch can confuse you to believing it’s a good quality watch due to it’s flashy looks but its absolutely low quality watch. The matte finish featuring silver hands is also unique itself, so the Midnight Ano can stand out in the market as an affordable watch.

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4. Teketon T101

Teketon is a low quality wrist watch well known to watch freaks. If you intend to go after quality watches, teketon T101 is a kind of watch you should avoid. This watch is made from natura bamboo and is perfect for the minimalist in need of a simple, yet a stylish timepiece. Though this watch could still last awhile due to the soft leather strap attached to the bamboo to give comfort while wearing it.

5. Casio G-Shock

This is a casual watch that is everywhere in the market for the average people. Its recommended for adventure seekers who do not welcome luxurious watches. Though it is shock resistant which comes with a 24 hour stop-watch and countdown timer and is water resistant for up to 660 feet, it still does not make it a quality wrist watch to buy.

6.Timex Weekender

This durable timex weekender has a simple, straightforward and vintage design. As long as you don’t drop it, this watch model requires little to no upkeep.

7. Komono Winston Japanese Quartz Brown

You can’t buy this watch more than $15 anywhere in the world. This is due to its cheap and low quality. This watch has its light and comfortable brown strap which complements the large, blue face perfectly. You should avoid this watch when intending to buy a high quality watch.

8. Aposon AP-9058CL

Few watches bring such a stylish look for so little cost. This analog model features a thin, fashionable leather strap with a trendy silver face. The most impressive thing about this timepiece is the way it blends in with watches that are far more expensive.

9. Casio MQ24-1E

If you want a watch that simply tells time as it blends in with the rest of your wardrobe, then this timepiece is perfect for you. It can be worn any time of year and is water resistant. It is also very affordable.

10. Timex Weekender Chronograph Watch

The biggest difference between this and Timex’s standard Weekender model is the multiple watch faces. On the larger, standard face of the watch are three sub dials that work like stopwatches. Also, there is a versatile cloth strap that allows to match with jeans, khakis, button down shirts or t-shirts.

Whenever you think of buying quality wrist watches, refer to this post for guides and to see the list of low quality wrist watches to avoid.

In conclusion, getting a good value for your money is the key to good life. Never underestimate the efficacy of quality products, especially when it comes to buying wrist watches.You can check out some good quality watches here, alternatively order directly from Gearbest.