3 Natural Methods To Combat Flu

Influenza, more commonly known as “cold and flu“, is a virus contagious through exposure to an infected person’s saliva or other bodily secretions.

flu symptoms

Flu Symptoms

Symptoms of the flu may include:

  • fever,
  • cough,
  • weakness,
  • sore throat,
  • malaise,
  • body aches, and
  • occasionally vomiting and diarrhea.

Left untreated, the flu may resolve spontaneously or develop into something more serious such as pneumonia.

Here are three simple alternative methods in combating flu:


1. Elderberry

    • Sample Brand Name: Sambucol3 Natural Methods To Combat Flu
    • How it works:  Sambucol contains antioxidants and other elements that help cure viruses like the flu.
    • Dosage:   Take 2 (10 ml) teaspoons four times daily
    • Active ingredients: Black elderberry extract

chicken broth

2. Chicken Broth

Another yummy remedy for flu is consuming chicken broth (made from bones, not the powder substitute) to stay hydrated and to have something in ones stomach.

Broth may also loosen mucus. Chicken soup contains natural chemicals that help fight infections.

cold and flu

3. Thyme

Additionally, you can mix thyme and hot water, then sip it to promote a healthy respiratory system and to decrease symptoms such as coughing and sore throat.