5 Reasons the IT Certification Boost Your Job Opportunities

In the past few decades, the world around us has transform really fast. And this transformation almost changes every industrial sector. IT (information technology) is one of the biggest reason behind the transformation. IT is there in our lives in so many ways that we can’t even imagine.

Presently, IT is getting utilized almost in every sector and organization. It raises the number of employees in the IT industry. Millions of people are looking forward to making their career in the IT industry. And it is due to IT services which companies around the world are providing.

So, what you can do to stand out different in the crowd of working individuals and people joining every year. By opting IT certification, one can easily guide their career in the right direction, once an individual gets certified it the certification will enable you to achieve your desired job.

The certification is not only particular to one single component or subject of IT. You can even cover the field of software development, data securities, software testing, data analytics, web development, software development, etc.

Further, defined below are the reasons that will help you to understand the way in which it will boost your job opportunities:

5 Reasons the IT Certification Boost Your Job Opportunities


  • Fulfillment: By opting to IT certification helps in availing you the personal satisfaction about your educational achievements. Moreover, it brings a series of positive growth; it also brings a sense of satisfaction. The effort we put in learning, and personal growth with a robust education helps in improving professional achievements. And people these days specifically feels pride in two achievements, i.e., education and jobs.
  • Validation: Availing the certification helps in validating and declaring your work ethic and the pursuit of success. As per the survey by IDG research, various IT leaders are struggling to find qualified and certified people. Further, the research also shows that 8 out of 10 professionals in HR believe that IT certifications will enhance its value and importance in the next few years.
  • Employable: Once you avail the IT certification, it will provide you with an advantage over the non-certified employee. In the market, there are some top certifications that’ll help you to get certified in the market place; also it helps you to maintain your value to the employer. Further, it also helps you to enhance your chances of getting higher pay scale jobs.
  • Value: The certification in IT helps you to enhance your skills in your respective fields. And once you get certified, it will help you to validate your skills. In the market, your certification will help you to increase your marketability and consideration in front of the employer.

As per the research, in which a survey was done on 1700 HR and IT managers. Among these executives, the most hiring rate was in favor of IT certified. Because skills which certified professional holds high value in validating your skills and expertise.

  • Financial: Finance is another essential factor due to which one must go for IT certification. Once an individual gets certified, the certification will help you to enhance the individuals earning potential. For example, an ITIL Certification gives an average of 19% advantage in pay rate. Similarly, the other certifications are financially beneficial for an individual to get certified.

The above-defined reason will help you to know the importance of IT certification in jobs. Moreover, the article also defines some of the top IT certifications that will help you throughout your career.

  • IT Infrastructure Library

ITIL framework is being used in various business organizations across the globe. It helps organizations to develop a better quality standard. The framework is one of the most useful frameworks for IT Service Management.

The other levels of ITIL course are Practitioner, Intermediate, Expert, and Master.  ITIL training is very advantageous for management and other leadership roles. After completing the ITIL Certification, you will get a salary of around $95000.


Certified Information System Security Professional CISSP certification is issued by (ISC)2.  The (ISC)2 Certification basically referred to as “International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium.” It is an independent data security certification.

(ISC)2 certification ensures that the candidate has all the necessary skills and knowledge required to handle the systems and procedures of Data Security Systems.  

For pursuing this certification, you must have five years experience. After completing this certification, you will get a salary ranging between$73,000 – $119,000.

  • PMP

Project Management Professional is a certification program for project management.  You may wonder seeing the amazing benefits of this certification in your IT career. In the present, most of the IT work is based on the projects.

Thus, if you have all the necessary skills that should in a Project Manager, you are definitely going to the most valuable asset to your company with technical knowledge you also have effective management skills.

After this certification, you will become efficient enough to deliver the project within the given time, budget and assets. The PMP professional get salary package up to $92000.

  • CompTIA+

If you are about to start your career in the Information Security and search for excellent job opportunities, then this course is meant for you.  This certification boosts the employee’s confidence.

CompaTIA+ training makes sure that employees are well-versed with the basics of subjects and have all training skills to keep their  corporate system secure from the outside

This certification covers all the basics of Information Security and not based on a single software; thus you can find the best job opportunities across the world. After completing this certification, your salary package will be around $86,000.

  • Hadoop Certification

Hadoop is the growing trend in IT, due to which it’s getting noticed and considered everywhere around the world. In the form of general verticals of efforts such as utilities, retail, media, pharmaceuticals, life force, and others, one hand is getting the most current IT insights.

Moreover, the motivation behind certification and training of the Bigdata have become the most successful in the market in the past couple of years. And by the end of the year 2019, the pattern will grow double.

  • DevOps Certification

According to the survey done in various IT companies, DevOps certified experts are one of the most payable experts. In the market, the interest of marketer is growing rapidly all around the world. And this will not be going to change sooner in the coming years.

As per the survey, it is indicated that the average pay of DevOps expert at entry-level is around $138,378 per year.

Final Remarks

The information above will help you to understand the importance and reasons behind choosing any IT certifications. Moreover, you can also know about the top IT certifications that are leading in the market. By selecting an IT certification, you’ll understand how much beneficial it will be for boosting your career.