English & Verbal Reasoning First terminal Examination 2018/2019 Session

Class: Primary four Subject: Verbal Reasoning

Instruction: Answer all question in this section

Choose the correct spelling from the option.

  1. (a) nieci (b) neice (c) niece (d) niceice
  2. (a) hygiene (b) hyiegen (c) hiyegine (d) hyiene
  3. (a) yolc (c) yolk (c) yock (d) yolok

Choose from the options letters a-d the most suitable spelling to fill in the gaps in the sentence

  1. The businessman took _____ from his bank (a) a lone (b) a lome (c) alon (d) a loan
  2. We ____ every morning before leaving the house (a) pray (b) prey (c) parize (d) price
  3. He was too ___ to stand alone (a) week (b) wick (c) weak (d) wink

 Code and decode the following

Example: if smile is coded as locmb, how is lime code

  1. Water is coded as PEMIU, how is ATE coded (a) PEU (b) EMI (c) uim (d) PEM
  2. If the word management is written as 1343, 617485, then manage is written as ___ (a) 134361 (b) 134648 (c) 133851 (c) 137851
  3. If 15679 is the code for YEAST, what is 7569? (a) year (b) seat (c) steal (d) yeats

Use the example below to answer the below question

 Example: retaw-water

  1. Noitareneg (a) generator (b) general (c) notation (d) generation
  2. Ssendas _____ (a) sadness (b) sadess (c) senses (d) sandals

Noisiv ______ (a) sivion (b) vision (c) noisui (d) nosion

Class: Primary four           Subject: English Language

Instruction: Answer all question in this section

The monkey and the dish

Once upon a time, a monkey and a big fish were friends. One day the other fishes in the river asked the big fish to bring the heart of his friend, so that they can make him a chief. So he went to his friend the monkey and asked him to come to the river. The monkey sat at the back of the big fish and they swam to the bottom of the river.

When they were in the river, the big fish told the monkey what other fishes had said. The monkey was afraid but he quickly said, “we monkeys don’t carry our hearts with us; we always keep them on top of the coconut trees, if you take me home I will get it for you”.

The big fish and the monkey swam up again and the monkey ran to the top of the coconut tree. That is why monkeys like to climb a coconut tree.


  1. Who was a friend to the big fish? (a) tortoise (b) monkey (c) crab (d) frog
  2. What did the fishes asked the big fish to bring (a) heat of his friend (b) lungs of his friend (c) head of his friend (d) hand of his friend
  3. How did the monkey got to the bottom of the river (a) the monkey jumped into the river (b) the monkey ran to the river (c) the monkey sat on the back of the big fish (d) the monkey sat on the head of the big fish
  4. The other fishes promise to make the big fish what (a) a man (b) a boy (c) a teacher (d) a chief
  5. The monkey likes to climb which type of tree (a) mango (b) coconut tree (c) orange tree (d) apple

Section B: lexis and structure

Fill in the blanks with the correct words given in the brackets

  1. My father went to town ____ bough a television set (because, but and )
  2. Here comes the girl ____ stole my pencil (whose, who, whom)
  3. The students stood up ____ the headmaster entered the room (so, when, and)

Choose the correct answer from the option

  1. Get your ingredient ready ______ you start cooking (a) finally (b) after (c) as a result (d) before
  2. Switch on the computer _____ you start to type (a) as a result (b) more over (c) after (d) before
  3. ____ of the accident, he is paralysed (a) besides (b) so (c) as a result (d) then
  4. ___ did she visit Makurdi (a) whose (b) when (c) where (d) how
  5. She sings sweetly _____ she (a) hasn’t (b) does (c) doesn’t (d) is
  6. The children are staying at home why ____ the children staying at home (a) is (b) are (c) has (d) did

Section C: theory  

Answer all questions

  1. What is a simple present tense

(b) fill in the blank with the simple present form of the verbs in the bracket. (i) my mother _____ fish from the fish mongers every morning (buy) (ii) their maid _____ up at 5:00 am every morning (wake)

  1. List all the ‘wh’ questions (b) use two out of them to make a sentence
  2. Change the following negative sentence into positive sentences
  • He is not a hard-working boy
  • This papaya is not sweet
  • The boy did not play football yesterday
  • The children have not eaten the cake yet
  • I have not given the old clothes to the poor lady
  1. Use these letters to complete the spellings below (n, a, I, m, d)
  2. Natur___l
  3. Head ___aster
  • Format___on
  1. Confirmation____
  2. __angerous

    English & Verbal Reasoning First terminal Examination 2018/2019 Session