Major Advantages and Disadvantages of NYSC in Nigeria

Major advantages of NYSC and major disadvantages of NYSC in Nigeria

Regardless of all the benefits we all Nigerians know about acquiring an NYSC certificate, there is still a lot of different feelings about the importance of it. That is why in this article we want to take time and deliberate on the Major advantages of NYSC and major disadvantages of NYSC in Nigeria.

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Driving: If you are an NYSC corps member you can go to anywhere on your car without a driving license and you can prove that with your I.D card.

You are validated: As an NYSC member you are a respected person in the society, even to force men in Nigeria, they cannot stop you on the road and interrogate you. with your I.D card or uniform, u are done.

Federal immunity: what this means is that as a corp member or already pass out NYSC member, you have a movement of freedom to many places which ordinary people without this certificate cannot enter.

Respect: Though touch, it is true that young Nigerians with this certificate are highly respected In Nigerian society to those without this qualification.

Jobs: A lot of highly paid firms or company has it under their requirement for a job position, that you most own such certificate before you can even be considered. And they are highly paid than others without such qualification.

Mental side: With the training acquired from the camp, they become physically stronger and mentally tougher as they come out. This is important because, in life, a situation may become hopeless. No job, nothing and you become desperate. Such a mindset is needed to survive such a situation in our today economy. However, this factor is important.

Socialization: The scheme brings unity among people from every tribes and nation. It helps you make new friends and give you more links and connections, you can even be employed before passing out. It truly a great privilege.

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Scheme: Sometimes young people complain that the current scheme of NYSC should be better developed because in the state it is now the country just seems to waste their resources and time. Some of the youngsters are put into situations totally foreign to them which actually would not have any use in the future. As a result, the certificate has become more important to young people than the spirit of national service.

The lack of insurance: This matter is a big problem for those who are planning on participating in the NYSC – there is no good scheme of insurance for them, and many graduates want the government should develop it as soon as possible.

No guarantees regarding jobs: This is a very serious aspect which our Nigerian government needs to look into. It is true that after your NYSC program, acquiring a job is not a guarantee. A lot of our young citizen suffer a lot in search of a job and may end up not having one. However, the certificate may seem to be west.

NYSC certificate importance: It was already mentioned that the actual paper is given more attention than the skills of the employee when the graduates start working, and people with the certificate are just treated better in general.