Physics First Term Examination 2018 Academy Session

First Term Examination 2018 Academy Session

 Class: SS1        Time: 1 hour 30min Subject: Physics

Instruction:  Answer all questions in section A and only four in section B

  1. The science which is concerned with the nature properties of matter and energy is called _____
  2. The three important basic quantities in physics are ________, _______ and _______
  3. The measure of how hard gravity is pulling on the object is called _______
  4. _____ is defined as that in which events are distinguishable with reference to before or after
  5. The basic units in physics upon which other units depend is known as ________
  6. For accurate measurement of smaller length such as the diameter of a wire and small ball the instrument called ______ is used
  7. Volume of liquid can be measured using _______, ______ and _____
  8. The four types of motion are _______, _______,   _______ and _______
  9. State only three methods of reducing friction
  10. The force that exists round a bar magnet is called _____________

Section B: answer four questions

  1. (a) Differentiate between scalar quantities and vector quantities and give one example each

(b) Define acceleration

  1. (a) A car travels at an average speed of 200kmh-1 what distance will it cover in 10 minutes

(b) What is uniform velocity?

  1. (a) What is friction

(b) State three advantage and disadvantage of friction

  1. (a)What is motion

(b) Differentiate between mass and weight

  1. (a) What is physics

(b) State 8 subjects matter of physics

  1. (a) Explain the following and give one example for each
  2. Oscillatory motion
  3. Translational motion
  • Brownian motion

(b) State hook’s law