Top 15 Money Converters You Must Know.

Top 15 Money Converters You Must Know.

Money Converters–Money converters are softwares, applications and websites that are built solely by software developers for the purpose of converting currencies from one money to another. There are so many money converting websites and apps available for you to utilize and apply. So, in this article, we bring you 15 Top Money Converters that you should know and you go on to make use of now!

1. Oanda

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Oanda is one of the best and top money converters available out there. Click the link below to go to their currency converter page on their website. You also get access to personal money transfer, historical currency converters and so on.

2. CUEX Currency converter

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CUEX is another website and app you can use to convert world currencies. Their App on Google Play store is not free though. It comes at a cost of 310 Naira, that is almost $1 to install. You can also check Gold prices, Bitcoin prices and conversion history using the software.

3. XE Currency Converter

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Through, you can calculate live currencies, foreign exchange rate, currency analysis, historic currency rates, free currency charts and so on. You can also buy the XE app on to use.

4. Convert My Money

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This is a simple website that lets you check the latest currency exchange rates. It allows you access to live rates for all of the world’s currencies and their service. It is totally free. It also saves your settings for your next use.

5. Travelex US Currency Converter

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This website is rated 4 stars by over 5,700 users for its efficacy and usefulness. With this website’s software, you can see how much of a foreign currency can get for your US Dollars. You get daily updates of the currencies and foreign exchange rates around the world. You can also calculate your expense for a trip in foreign currency.

6. MSN Money Converter

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This website or App software is owned by Microsoft. This currency converter helps you to convert currencies. It helps you to plan your personal finance, helps you in investing, shows you the daily exchange rate values for the world’s major currencies. MSN also has useful tools like retirement planner, mortgage calculator and so on.

7. Transferwise Currency Converter

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Yes, this website is another top money converter on the Internet that you can go to now to start converting your money. This currency converter also allows you to transfer money internationally for cheap rates.

8. X-Rates Currency Converter

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This site allows you free exchange rates, it allows you to convert any money or currency. It has a currency calculator, graphs that are visual to help you analyse and a rates table for free foreign rates.

9. Currency Calculator

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On, you have access to a free currency calculator that helps you to effectively convert and calculate the global currencies of the world using live exchange rates. Click the link below to use it.


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This site shows you a live view of exchange rates of up to 90 world currencies. It also has a currency conversion software to help you convert any currency of your choice. Click the link below to use it!

11. OFX Currency converter

At the click of a button, you can compare popular currencies at live market rates on This site is a free web currency converter and has a live exchange rate calculator too.

12. Unit Converters

Although this is not a purely currency website, but still they have a section for converting currency at live market rates. also converts measurements like centimetres, cm³ and so on.

13. Currency Converters Inc.

You can trade your currency on this website, check live currency rates, convert currency or currencies, do wire transfers and so many more. This site not only saves you money but time.


14. World First Money Converter

Click the link below to use World First Money Converter online. Their currency converter helps you to stay prepared in case of sudden fluctuations in exchange rates. It is an efficient money converter you will love.

15. Travel Money Oz’s Currency Converter.

This is a free software available at the link below when you visit. You gain access to their money converting software, you are able to calculate your exchange rates and you are able to know today’s rate for the top world currencies.