Transfer Wizard App-How to Download and use it like a Pro!

Transfer Wizard App-How to Download and use it like a Pro!

Transfer Wizard App–The transfer wizard app is the best thing that has ever happened to mankind in the world of content transfer from one device to another.

Mobile Transfer Wizard is a powerful mobile content transfer solution which provides you the ultimate ability to easily transfer your personal content from one Smartphone to another (i.e. from your old device to your new device). Using Transfer Wizard now you can effortlessly transfer your contacts, pictures and videos simply over Wi-Fi.

Transfer Wizard supports content transfers between most devices–Supported Content includes:
• Pictures 
• Videos 
• Music 
• Text and Picture Messages 
• Call Logs 
• Documents 
* Content support is mobile operating system specific 
Supported Smartphone Mobile Operating Systems: 
• Android Version 4.0 or newer 


• Tracfone, Trac fone, Track phone, Trackphone
• Net10, Net 10, Net ten
• Simplemobile, Simple Mobile

Most of the hundreds of millions of people who have purchased a new personal computer or mobile phone find it very difficult to transfer files from their old devices to the new one. For this reason, people decided to be keeping their old device for lack of easier means of transferring content to another.

In the course of resolving this tedious issue of transferring content from one device to another, most people have spent a lot of time tweaking their system just the way they want it, and it’s laborious having to recreate all of these settings like fonts, color schemes and other related settings in their devices. Also, it can be a pain having to manually find and copy over all of your important data as well.

An app called the Transfer Wizard app was introduced for this purpose; to help in proffering solution which makes it easier for mobile users to easily transfer their personal content from one Smartphone (old Smartphone) to another (new Smartphone). This content could also include contacts, pictures and videos simply over Wi-Fi. This tutorial is strictly for those searching Google with keywords such as ;

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How to Download Transfer wizard app and use it like a pro

How to Download Transfer wizard app and use it like a pro
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Search no more!! If you’ve been on the search for an easier way of transferring content from your old device to the new device, transfer wizard app has got you covered. Like it was stated in the first paragraph of this article, this app allows you transfer content like contacts, pictures and videos over the Wi-Fi.

One thing is to use this app but end up using it like a novice another thing is for you to use it like a pro. Basically that’s why this article is written, to ensure that you make use of this app properly to avoid lose of content from your old device.

For this app to function effectively, simply connect your devices to the same Wi-Fi access point, and then start transferring content.

Never to worry, we are going to give in details the full drop down and step by step procedure on how to download the transfer wizard app. The process is not tedious and complicating like it seems to be. It’s rather a straightforward process. It’s much less time-consuming than manually typing in each contact’s information, and the app makes it easy to maintain access to all of your accumulated photos, videos, and messages.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Start by downloading the Transfer Wizard app from Google Play store (on Android devices) or the App Store (on Apple devices).
  2. Connect both your old phone and new phone using to the same Wi-Fi access point. Then, use the phone that will receive the content to scan the QR code appearing on the screen of the phone that will provide the content.
  3. On the phone that will receive the content, choose which content you’d like to be transferred.
  4. Transfer the content with high speed.

Point to Note: It is mandatory to note that the successful transfer of your files/content from your old device to the new device is completely dependent on the on which operating system your devices use. this is true because apple devices can only transfer and receive all content exception of music, text and picture messages, call logs, and documents, while android phones are capable of sending receiving all kinds of data and content.

There we go, Transfer wizard app-How to Download and use it like a pro! if you have any difficulty in downloading this app or using it, kindly contact us through the contact us page or make use of the comment section below.