Best Universities in Nigeria offering Nursing science for students

Best Universities in Nigeria offering Nursing science for students

Lately, there has been a great development in health care services by the Nigerian government. This is a great indication to prospective students, that there is a great interest in the health care sector. It is a great profession with high pay after graduation. However, let us consider the  Best Universities in Nigeria offering Nursing science for students.

Best Universities in Nigeria offering Nursing science for students

Best Universities in Nigeria offering Nursing science for students.

1. University of Port-Harcourt

  • The federal University was founded in 1975.
  • Candidates  who want to further their education as a nurse can study at the faculty of clinical sciences
  • The faculty includes nursing as well as other departments.
  • The university has a total number of  22 departments offered to students
  • You can become a nursing specialist in this university

2. University of Maiduguri

  • You can also study nursing at the University of Maiduguri
  • The university consists of 8 departments including Nursing Science.
  • You can become a Bachelor of Nursing after graduation at this university.

3. University of Nigeria

  • In the university, there are wise medical practitioners teach nursing
  • The school offers both practical combined with theoretical knowledge.
  • You can apply to UNN if you want to study Nursing Science, practice, and become a real professional in your field of study.

4. University of Lagos

  • The university is located in the biggest city of Nigeria
  • It has a Faculty of Clinical Sciences that study various disciplines including nursing science
  • Development and improvement of the Faculty has a long history
  • It was initially  Clinical Science  and  in 2009 it was  approved by NUC as a Faculty

5. University of Jos

  • The federal university of Jos is a nice school that you can study Nursing science
  • Nursing science is under the Faculty of Medical Science.

6. University of Ilorin

  • The university is reliable and was established since 1975.
  • It has Health Sciences as a part of the educational programs
  • In the university, Students have a choice of engaging  2 faculties within this college
  • The Faculty of Clinical Sciences is what you should apply for if you are planning to study nursing
  • This discipline is one of the 10 departments that are offered by the University of Ilorin to all citizens of Nigeria who are interested in their higher education.

7. University of Ibadan

  • The 5-year nursing course is taught here
  • All Nigerians who are looking into this developing sphere of life and work can enter this federal university to study, practice, and graduate with a diploma.
  • The studies include research, practices, and theoretical knowledge. Students can study nursing in Nigerian clinics and within the university classes.

8. University of Benin

  • The university was Established since 1970
  • UNIBEN’s College of Medical Science still offers three Schools to local and foreign students
  • Nigerian pupils who graduate from high schools and plan to get further education in the healthcare field can choose the School of Basic Medical Sciences
  • This is a good selection of an institution with ‘federal’ status that teaches Nursing
  • You can get your certificate and diploma after several years of successful studies, practicing skills, and examinations.

9. University of Abuja

  • The university is in the capital city of Nigeria
  • Apply to the federal institution in Abuja and study at the College of Health Sciences
  • It exists since 2007
  • This wonderful College lets you study not only nursing but also practice and develop your skills at Abuja Teaching Hospital

10. Obafemi Awolowo University

  • The university  has a big Department of Nursing
  • There are different medicine related course in the university
  • The nursing science department is part of  the  Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences
  • The university was established since 1993
  • The school is good in practical aspect and have well equipped multidisciplinary laboratories.