FZ Movies and O2TV Series- Which is better for Movies Download?

FZ Movies and O2TV Series– Which is better for Movies Download?

These two websites fzmovies.net and 02tvseries.com are top websites available for internet browsers all over the world to visit and have instant access to Hollywood, Bollywood and other top movies all over the world. We will be reviewing each movie website in attempt to see which website is better for downloading movies. Both of them are highly patronized/visited websites but one is definitely a better choice than the other.

Let’s take a look at FZ Movies first. Let’s look at the packages available for you on FZ Movies and which movies are available to download;

FZ Movies

You can go check out the website by clicking here at fzmovies.net. By clicking, you can see how the website looks like. FZ Movies provides you with quality HD movies of mainly Bollywood movies and a fair amount of Hollywood movies. FZ Movies has a list template for their movies that is, it tends to be listed. They have the IMDB Top 250 movies for Hollywood (American) movies. This lets you choose out of 250 movies listed that are rated highly on imdb.com which is a top movie review website. Their Hollywood movies are categorised in “IMDb Top 250 Movies”, “Latest updated movies”, “By their release date”, “By most downloaded” and “By Alpha”. So you can click on any of these five categories to find movies that fit each category. FZ Movies also offers subtitles to their movies too. You can also make a movie request, that is if you want any favorite movie added to the website but you can’t find it. They have a link on their tabs that allows you to make a movie request, you will see this when you scroll down to the bottom of their page. At the page bottom, you will also see the “contact us” button which you can click on to contact them or just send them a mail at [email protected].

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Their movies are available in HD quality of 3gp and MP4 format. FZ Movies recommends 3gp and MP4 for basic and medium end phones and the MKV/high MP4 format for high end phones, iPads and devices. Their Bollywood movies are categorized into “Filmfare Awarded Movies”, “By latest Updated”, “By release date”, “By Alpha” and by “most downloaded”. Click on any of the categories to see Bollywood movies under each category.

Some disadvantages.

FZ Movies has too many ads all over the website that makes it hard to navigate the website.

O2TV Series

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Go to www.o2tvseries.com to see the website and gain access to their movies and series contents. O2TV Series deals mainly in TV series. They also offer movies too though. But TV series is mainly what they do. You can download your series/movies in HD quality in either 3GP or MP4 formats. If you’ve always wanted to download the full sections of some of your favorite TV series, look no further than www o2tvseries.com. And just like fzmovies.net, www.o2tvseries.com is absolutely free to access and download from. This movie allows you to stay up to date with the latest TV series and stat trending. The categories of o2tvseries are categorised from A to Z. So, if you are looking for a movie that starts with the letter “A”, then just click on “A” and search for the movie.

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The website is really simple to navigate and is user friendly. O2TV Series has very popular Hollywood TV series like The Originals, Vampire diaries, Flash, Game of Thrones, etc. All you need to do is search for the series you want, download and binge watch! O2TV Series recommends you use UC browser to browse and download the series as it tends to download episode by episode till it’s all complete.

Disadvantage of using O2TV Series.

– Some of the links contained on the website are redirects and the site has too many ads.

Which is better? FZ Movies or TV Series?

– If you want series, then yes, o2tvseries.com is better. But if want movies, then fzmovies.com is better. So, it all depends on what you want.

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