Helpful Tips When Shooting with Anamorphic on Panasonic Camera

Helpful Tips When Shooting with Anamorphic on Panasonic Camera

If you’re shooting with an anamorphic lens, there are best value Panasonic cameras you can use today. Almost all anamorphic lenses can easily be adapted and de-squeezed in order to achieve quality images on a widescreen. However, knowing how to shoot with Kowa anamorphic on a Panasonic camera is important.

How to Shoot Anamorphic with Panasonic Camera

First and foremost, you should know how to attach anamorphic lenses to your Panasonic camera. The procedure is just similar to any DSLR; the setup will transform prime lenses to anamorphic with 2x stretch factor. The components include the camera, taking lens, anamorphic clamp, and the anamorphic lens.

When you set your camera in 4:3 mode, it will allow you to enjoy wider anamorphic lens. If you set your camera on 6k 60p anamorphic mode, you can easily de-squeeze your image for a more cinematic view. Also, there are custom single-focus anamorphic lenses you can use in order to get a sharper shots.

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Using Smaller Sensor with High Video Resolution

Some filmmakers think that a smaller sensor is a disadvantage when using DSLR camera. On the other hand, smaller sensors actually give you an edge in shooting anamorphic. You don’t even need to use speedbooster since a 2x anamorphic lens already has a strong effect that prevents vignetting.

If you’re using micro four-thirds Panasonic camera, you can best take advantage of smaller sensors. A 2x anamorphic lens cancels out 2x crop factor so that you can maintain the quality of your image even on a widescreen. In addition, you can use multiple lenses with a smaller sensor camera in order to achieve the exact frame you want.

Key Takeaways

You can combine 4k 60p mode with your camera to produce more beautifully cinematic widescreen films. If you need to adjust the IBIS lens, pick a prime lens focal length instead of the anamorphic field of view. Anamorphic lenses may double the FOV, but the stabilization calculates from vertical factor so you really don’t need to calculate another stabilization value when shooting anamorphic.

Most Panasonic cameras available today can capture videos on 4:3 ratio. There are even some features that will allow you to unlock two feature through an anamorphic shooter. With a flexible camera and effective anamorphic lenses, you can easily create the required images and frames for your film projects without the hassles that other cameras have.