4 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Pet Healthy

It is obvious that your pet needs regular wellness care, attention, feeding, grooming and playing time.

By doing all these jobs, you will see improvement in your pet health. Here you will come to know about four important things which you should be doing to bring a healthy improvement in your pet dog or cat health side.


You can take help from this healthy pet checklist and see whether you are fulfilling these pet care duties or not! Do have a look at this source totalpetsupply.com and go through the knowledgeable facts written in it.

1- Taking your pet for an annual vet checkup

First of all, it is utmost crucial for you to take your pet for annual vet checkup. You have to do this job on a yearly basis.

This annual wellness visit will do the complete scanning of your pet and you will then come to know whether your pet is medically fit and healthy or not! In this yearly vet checkup, some of the important medical examination procedures will be carried out and your pet will pass through dental cleaning and updated vaccines as well as heartworm test procedures.

Note that it depends on your pet dog or pet cat age and lifestyle that what types of vaccines and injections he needs. One should keep in mind that rabies vaccine is recommended and suggested everywhere by law for both of the species of dogs and cats.

On the other hand, your veterinarian may only advise and recommend the Bordetella vaccine if your pet dog is around other dogs on a frequent basis. It is through these annual vet checkup that your veterinarian will help and guide you to set a vaccination schedule so that your pet enjoys better health.

2- Keeping Your Pet Safe From Heartworm, Ticks, And Fleas

You have to make sure that you keep your pet on a heartworm preventive kind of area and that area should be free from all fleas presence as well.

Pet Fleas

It is recommended by the veterinarians that pet owners should be keeping their pet dogs and cats on flea and tick control areas. No matter you live in some colder area, these ticks and fleas can still lurk and make their way inside your home.

These ticks, fleas and heartworm always look for an opportunity to latch and attack onto your pets. So, it is your duty to keep your pets safe and sound from these ticks and fleas attacking modes.

3- Feeding Your Pet a Grain Free Diet and giving him a regular bath

Your pet should only consume a grain free diet. Such a diet will maintain and control his weight as well. You must understand that excess weight of your pet will eventually contribute and welcome lots of health issues.

Your pet might get arthritis and any of the heart problems is he is overweight. It will be great if you will give your pet protein and veggie based kind of grain-free diet.

Rest, you should give a regular bath to your pet. Regular and daily basis bathing will give your pet healthy skin too. If your dog or cat is healthy then they just need a bath for a couple of times on a per month basis as frequent bathing will dry out their skin.

What you can do is to do frequent brushing of your pet. You should trim his nails regularly and even do the ear cleaning for him.

4- Giving ample time to your dog while playing with him

playing with pet

Your pet health will start to deteriorate if you will not give him ample time. He will start to feel lonely if you will not take him out for walks regularly.

So, if you want to see your pet super healthy then play with him, take him on long walks, give him toys to play, give him treats! Visit any of the pet stores and buy the bones and rawhides from there. Your pet dog will love to play with them. You can get some softer chew toys for him too. Such toys are going to damage his teeth.

On alternate days, you can give your pet any of the healthy treats, this will make him super happy and super healthy. Do not worry, these healthy treats are not going to spoil the healthy diet patterns of your pet.


We hope that all pet lovers have now clearly understood how important is this job to take care of your pet so that they can enjoy and live a super amazing health every single day.

Let us know how you take care of your pets and which measures you take to make their health scale more amazing and great!