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Bekins Moving Solutions is proud to serve the Phoenix area with exceptional moving services. We provide a wide array of services for both residential and commercial clients. It doesn’t matter if you are moving a large office building or cozy condo. Bekins Moving Solutions has the skills and resources to get you moved quickly and efficiently. All our staff is thoroughly trained to handle all types of moves at any distance. Moving with Bekins Moving Solutions can be as easy as picking a call. Just give a call to our expert movers and get moved to your new destination without any trouble. It is as easy as that but click here now.

Our Strength

When it comes to storage and moving services, in the Phoenix area, there is simply no one better way to help with your move. Our residential and office moving is worry-free, with services to help you even before your move starts and after it is finished. These services include helping in reassembling furniture, packing, custom crating and more. Our local movers understand how to do the job with the highest standard the first time.  For Saturday moves, we don’t even charge extra. Want to move? Hire us and consider it done.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my items arrive?

Arrival depends on the volume of goods being moved and the distance of your move. For local moves, the items can be delivered the same day items are loaded in the truck. For those moves that cover a long distance, for instance moving to a different state, the items will take at least a few days to arrive. Our moving consultants will take you through the arrival to help you understand when to expect your belongings. You will likely be given an arrival window of a few days for a long distance move.

What are the temperatures in the storage warehouse and in the moving van?

Items stay for 18 months in our warehouse on average. We also store a lot of goods for the US Military which stays in our facility for years before being removed. Temperature issues are very rare during this time. It may reach into the 90s in the heat of summer at the warehouse. However, we utilize coolers that raise the humidity and lower the temperature to counteract our dry climate.

In moving vans, the temperature is less controlled. In summer, they can reach an internal temperature higher than 100 degrees. This, however, is not a threat since goods are in our vans for only a short period of time.

I changed my move date, what should I do?

Well, changes in your moving schedule happen, and they can disorient your whole move if they happen. We are aware this can happen suddenly without warning. We advise you to contact your Bekins Moving Solutions consultant immediately when this happens. Make us aware of how your plans have changed.

Our moving consultants have worked on many moves and are aware that plans do change sometimes. Your consultant will give attention to what you need and figure out the best way to accommodate your new moving plans. We can also provide you with additional services such as storage, packing and come up with a new moving plan that will work best for you.

The new moving plan may require additional charges to your original moving quote, depending on what needs to be done. We may also have to give you an entirely new moving quote.

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