Social Media Reporting, Netbase And The Social Media Revolution

Social Media Reporting, Netbase And The Social Media Revolution

Social media reporting is important for marketers who want to prove their marketing campaigns are bearing fruit. Often prepared on a monthly basis, social media reports document how often various brands get mentioned on different social media channels. Although social media reporting is fairly new, people have discovered a number of seemingly indisputable laws about how to properly execute a social report. If they do not prioritize reporting, people can lose out on the advantages of proper social strategizing.

Arguably, the two most important types of social media reports are the monthly roll-up and the quarterly social strategy roundup. These are the reports that people rely on to communicate how well they are achieving proper exposure in important channels. When it comes to the social media report, it is important to understand the limitations of any particular metric. Don’t overreach when you are initially gathering and parsing social media data. All social media goals should be reasonable and achievable. Individuals set themselves up for professional failure when they commit themselves to achieve things that are totally unrealistic.

Social Media Reporting, Netbase And The Social Media Revolution

Many companies prefer social media reports that are more like research projects than bare lists of facts. Whatever type of report one is writing, it is important to write in a style that is engaging and easy to digest. Few readers are satisfied with turgid documents that are tough to focus on.

When choosing appropriate metrics for a report, one wants to note how many mentions your brand has received in various social posts, threads and discussions. In this report, it makes sense to list details about the kind of people who are increasing the target brand’s online exposure. Relevant data includes the average age of brand enthusiasts, their professions and other personal details. The more granular one’s demographic data is, the better one is able to fine tune marketing materials for maximum effectiveness.

It seems clear that using social media reporting will only become more important in the months and years ahead. The social media revolution is almost certainly poised to continue shaping how modern people think, study, shop and view the world. The companies that more closely track their social media metrics are arguably better positioned to weather future economic challenges.

Some busy professionals lack the time to truly give social media reporting its due. For these individuals, outsourcing social media reporting and analytics may be the only sensible course. Companies like NetBase allow organizations to fully take advantage of how social media is rapidly transforming entire industries. NetBase offers organizations a wide variety of social media analytics, analytics that one can put to use almost immediately. The consumer insights one can gain through NetBase can enable crucial tactical evolutions.

For people engaged in social media reporting, it is important to keep central institutional goals in mind at all times. It is all too easy to be distracted from this goals when considering the minutiae of facts and figures. As with any document, the social media report works best if it is focused and on-point. Overly flowery language can potentially distract from the essential purposes of any reporting document.