WPS Office 2019, a free alternative to Microsoft Office, is available from the Microsoft Store

The WPS Office 2019, a free alternative to the package Microsoft Office, is available from Microsoft Store. The availability of the software is not new, it has been in the store for some time, but its update, that is, the latest version of the program, was not yet among the applications of the Windows store.

The WPS Office 2019 release offers some new features, and some improvements, such as the user interface that has been modified and is offering tabs, which can group documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in a single window. The software does this automatically, but nothing prevents you from modifying the structure to group by topics, which will make your documents more organized, following your logic.

WPS is also allowing the user to be able to customize as they see fit. You can change the look of your applications, with skins that are made available exactly for that, or you can use pictures you prefer or choose a unique color.

Another modification to facilitate new documents, or view old ones is that now the home page shows your recent documents as soon as you open the software. The goal is to facilitate recovery from where you left off and to continue projects without wasting time looking for where he is saved.

Another modification made in the 2019 version was the improved handling of PDF files. Added support so you can add comments next to the text with notes, or highlight a specific passage. This is important for reading some text, it is no longer necessary to print to make notes. Other tools for converting PDF files into Word documents or images have also been added in this release.

WPS Office 2019 can be downloaded for free, but it comes with some announcements and limitations. It provides a Premium subscription version, which costs $ 29.99(which is almost $ 119) per year, the benefits of being a subscriber are 20GB of cloud storage, (it’s only 1GB in the free version), there’s also no announces and unlocks some additional editing features.

WPS Office 2019, a free alternative to Microsoft Office, is available from the Microsoft Store

To install WPS Office 2019 on your Windows 10 just enter the name of the software in the search bar of the Microsoft Store and download it for free.