Bitconnect 2.0 Will Apparently Launch July 1 — Is This a Joke?

In a mysterious tweet, an account claiming to be “Bitconnect 2.0” has announced that it will be launching on July 1, 2019. What’s this all about?

By CCN: In 2016 a cryptocurrency project named BitConnect came along offering 1% daily compounded interest for those who purchased and staked its token.

When the BitConnect (BCC) bubble inevitably burst, the owners, as expected, made off everyone’s money. The BCC token price sunk by 99.9%, and a previously $2.5 billion valued project became worthless.

Now, the greatest scam ever sold is back. Enter BitConnect 2.0.

You may remember Bitconnect from the last bull cycle. (After all, the Carlos Matos memes will never stop being hilarious.) The infamous scam ended as one of the single largest collapses in cryptocurrency history and closed its doors in early 2018.

However, Bitconnect’s legacy has loomed large over the cryptocurrency space ever since. The industry has improved since then, but vigilance on the part of investors nevertheless has a long way to go.

Now, it appears that Bitconnect may be reinventing itself for another round of fraud, to the confusion of many.


Bitconnect 2.0: Is It A Joke?

The mysterious tweet announcing Bitconnect 2.0 was sent out on May 18, 2019.

Welcome everyone back to Bitconnect 2.0
We will launch Bitconnect2.0 on July 1st
visit our website for more Infos

— Bitconnect2.0 (@Bitconnect2_0) May 18, 2019

Recently, the account (@Bitconnect2_0) tweeted a Binance Referral link saying “Bitconnect 2.0 meets #ethereum.”


Bitconnect2.0 meets #ethereum 

Buy now on

— Bitconnect2.0 (@Bitconnect2_0) May 19, 2019

Although July 1, 2019 is the day of the alleged “release” of Bitconnect 2.0, commentators have been quick to point out that it is not likely. The domain, which currently has the countdown for Bitconnect 2.0’s release date, is set to expire before July 1. There’s little-to-no information on the website, either. The only available information is a countdown clock with email signups for those interested in keeping up with supposed updates.

The entire thing sounds like an elaborate joke. However, it’s admittedly a bit strange that a jokester would be able to get such a legitimate domain. The best we can do is simply sit back and wait. (Maybe, at the very least, we’ll be entertained.)

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Is Bitconnect 2.0 an elaborate joke or should we expect something for July 1st? Let us know your speculations down below in the comments.