How to Apply for Argentina visa in Nigeria

Travelling to Argentina

Are you interested in traveling to Argentina either for tourism, business, schooling or work?
Many people in Nigeria are asking questions, wondering what it takes and how to go about traveling to the second largest country in South America either for business, education, or for greener pastures, and we’re here to help you avoid any misinformation by providing you with everything you need in details.
Our recent post on How to Apply for Colombia visa in Nigeria has proven to be useful to a lot of students, tourists, visitors, and generally to lots of visa seekers, and in this article we will provide you with guides and breakthroughs you need in order to obtain an Argentina Visa.

What you need to know

Firstly you need to know that in Argentina, unsuspecting visitors and immigrants are easy prey to petty thieves who engage in bag snatching and pickpocketing. But asides that, Argentina is a very safe country to visit. Statistics also reveals that it is among the safest countries in the entire South America.

Studying in Argentina

If you want to study in Argentina you must obtain a student visa, but the downside is that the Argentina student visa can only be obtained when you enter the country itself, and for you to enter Argentina you need to obtain a tourist visa from the Argentine embassy in Nigeria. Once you get to Argentina with the tourist visa, you will be able to obtain the student visa.

1. Passport valid for more than six months beyond your studies
2. Admission/Acceptance letter from the educational institution in Argentina
3. Visa processing fee of around $100
4. Passport photographs
5. Birth certificate
6. Bank statement of account showing evidence of enough funds to finance your education
7. Two police reports showing that you’re not a criminal; one from the Nigerian police, and the other from the Argentine police department.
NOTE: Please bear in mind that if your study duration will last longer than one year, you will have to apply for another student visa because the average student visa is valid for just six months.

Steps in re-applying for a student visa:
1. Leave the country before your current visa expires
2. Re-enter the country using your tourist visa
3. Re-apply for a new student visa with the documents you applied with the first time

Students in Argentine Educational institutions are expected to speak Spanish, the official language in Argentina with which all programs are taught. That said as most Nigerians have little to no idea how to speak Spanish, be prepared to enroll for Spanish lessons to get a CELU certificate. This certificate is a proof of proficiency in the language.

Ten reasons why Argentina is an ideal study location

For some reasons, we believe that Argentina is a good study location for students from Nigeria and the rest of Africa, and these reasons include;
1. Tolerance for immigrants
2. Racial diversification. This means you won’t have to suffer racism unlike many parts of Europe
3. Inexpensive tuition education
4. High standards of educational institutions
5. Inexpensive cost of living
6. Public transportation system is relatively cheap
7. Argentina’s amazing cultural heritage
8. The climate is wonderful and suitable
9. Vibrant social life
10. conducive atmosphere for learning
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Living and Working in Argentina

Argentina is one of the most immigrant friendly countries in the world. Her immigration policy favours many immigrants including Nigerians who seek permanent residence in the country, so it is relatively easy for you to live and work in the country especially if you have a good conduct.

Things you need:
1. Apply for a visa online by downloading the visa application form from here
2. Carefully fill in your details online and print out a copy of your application

Required documents:
1. Your valid international passport
2. Recent passport photographs with white background
3. Evidence of sufficient funds to cover all your expenses in Argentina
4. Proof of return flight ticket
5. Affidavit from the Nigerian police showing that you are free from any crime or illegal activities

After assembling all the required documents;
1. Proceed to the Argentine embassy in Nigeria
2. Pay the visa application fee
3. Book for appointment for the visa interview
4. Wait for feedback
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Argentina Residency

When you get into the country, you will be able to obtain permanent residency if;
1. You marry or have married a citizen or permanent resident of Argentina
2. Your child is a citizen or permanent resident of the country
3. You invest more than $41,000 in any lawful activity such as business, trade, productivity or any other non-criminal activity.


You can only be allowed to apply for residency in Argentina after residing in the country for a minimum period of 24 months. Endeavor to read this article thoroughly so that you can understand all the information that has been provided above, and also save this page for future reference.

If you have other questions, or in need of further clarification and assistance, we are available to respond to you in the comments section below.