How to Apply For Jamaican Visa in Nigeria–Steps to Follow

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How to Get a Visa to Jamaica — A simple guide

Following the outreach of our previous post on How to get a visa to America in Nigeria easily, many visitors of our page as well as tourism lovers, travelers, and many other internet users have been asking us questions about ways they can Obtain a Jamaican visa easily in Nigeria as a citizen of Nigeria. Due to our genuine love for our guests we’ve decided to pen down a well documented article featuring all that you need to know concerning how people in Nigeria get their visas to enter Jamaica without any stress.

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About Jamaica

Jamaica is a Caribbean island nation located in the North American continent. It is well known to music lovers as the birthplace and home of reggae music, and it’s capital Kingston is home to the Bob Marley Museum dedicated to the late famous reggae musician Robert “Bob” Marley.

How to Apply For Jamaican Visa in Nigeria--Steps to Follow

Jamaica is an immigrant tolerant country. This simply means that Jamaicans are available and open to accommodate anybody irrespective of your religion, race, or social strata.

Do you want to know how to apply for a Jamaican visa in Nigeria?

The current Requirements for Jamaica visa for Nigerians include:

  • Fully completed visa application form for Jamaica
  • Three recent Passport photographs
  • Valid international passport
  • Original statement of account from your bank stating that balance is capable of taking care of all your expenditures for all the time you’ll spend in Jamaica
  • Reference letter from your employer if you’re interested in going to Jamaica for an available job
  • Admission letter or Statement of Acceptance from your interested educational institution if you’re interested in going to Jamaica for studies
  • Proof of group travel if you are travelling for research or business in a group
  • Proof of invitation if you’re going there based on an invitation from someone already living in Jamaica
  • Proof of accommodation or hotel booking reservation in Jamaica
  • Proof of airline ticket reservation
  • Proof of payment of Jamaican visa fees
  • Birth certificate
  • Police report from the Nigerian police department showing you’re free of any sort of crime
  • Additional documents as requested by the Jamaican embassy

How much is the Jamaican Visa application fee?

The visa application fee for Nigerians traveling to Jamaica costs only N2,900 at the time of writing this post.

Can I live and work in Jamaica as a Nigerian?

Yes, you can. However there are two different types of Jamaican residency;

  1. Permanent residency
  2. Temporary residency

Permanent residency — This type of residency is allowed for immigrants including Nigerians on the basis of:

  • Employment: Working in Jamaica for three years or more
  • Marriage: Being married to a Jamaican Citizen
  • Retirement: Retired people including Nigerians who no longer work in their home country and desire to reside in Jamaica

Temporary residency — This type of residence is allowed in the instance that an immigrant or Non-Jamaican citizen resides in Jamaica by way of being a Student, Employment, Marriage to a Jamaican and being a dependent on an individual who works in the country

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Where can I apply for a visa for Jamaica?

Applying for a visa to Jamaica from Nigeria has been made very easy nowadays unlike before.

You can either apply online comfortably, or visit the Jamaican embassy in Nigeria to apply in person.


Jamaican High Commission in Abuja,
Plot 242, Muhammadu Buhari Way,
Central Business District,
Phone: +234 9 291 3490 |+234 81 3606 3356
Emails: [email protected] |[email protected]


No. 77, Samuel Adedoyin Avenue,
Victoria Island Annex,
Phone: +234 1 261 1085 | +234 1 261 2100

With all the processes we’ve provided in the article above, we can assure that if you follow all due process precisely you can easily obtain a visa to enter Jamaica without any issues.

Good luck.

Endeavor to reach us for further details and clarifications by commenting below.