Instagram to launch a camera redesign and devoted shopping tags for creators

Instagram to launch a camera redesign and devoted shopping tags for creators

Reports have gotten to us from our sources and these reports point out that Instagram has added a few new features to its network in order to make it more appealing to its users, creators, those that influence it as well as people who own businesses online. This move by Instagram is all a part of the big plan by the company to make a further dive into solidifying its position as an app for sharing photos. Now it is not something new that Instagram has sort of replaced Facebook in that area of photo sharing, plus more than a billion users make use of the social media platform per month. The younger generation are gradually abandoning Facebook for Instagram as Instagram provides a more suitable platform to share photos and videos and it would be proper to assume that Facebook is well aware that its affiliate (Instagram) has gotten to a height where it can be considered as ubiquitous such that it can be permitted to take the lead.

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During the Facebook F8 Developer Conference, Facebook announced a set of features that would be used to tweak up Instagram to a certain point. One of the new features that was announced for Instagram was as redesigned camera with a certain mode attached to it which Instagram is calling Create Mode. This Create Mode provides a user with the ability to create a post out of nothing without the need to upload a video or picture that is already existent. Instagram believes that this would be found suitable by people are especially fond of creating and reading stories and have gained a large audience with the use of Snapchat-style format.

The second feature that Instagram has added to its platform is dedicated shopping tags which will provide any influencer or artist or celebrity tag an article of a cloth they have on thereby giving their followers an easy way to purchase that particular clothing right there from within Instagram.

Before Instagram made its announcements, it stated that only companies would have the ability to take advantage of the platform to sell their products via the new in-app checkout process which is still currently undergoing development.

The company also added that it will not take any share out of the profits these companies make, however, they require that creators use Instagram’s Checkout beta that includes a selling fee currently in testing.

Furthermore, Instagram will also be launching a donation sticker for Stories which will offer its users a way to raise some money for nonprofits right there within Instagram. The company also said that the money once raised will be sent to the nonprofit users choose and nothing will be taken out of it.