NYSC Senate List – 2019/2020 Mobilization List for all Institution – Check Batch B and Batch C list PDF

NYSC Senate List – 2019/2020 Mobilization List for all Institution – Check Batch B and Batch C list PDF

In this article we will provide information on how to check the senate mobilization list for all those who will be going for Youth service this year.

I’ll advise you not to rush this guide over so you don’t miss important information. Stay focused and read through.

Please take Note that the 2019 Batch ‘B’ prospective corps members has been concluded . The portal/website for verification of the senate approved mobilization list (2019 Batch ‘B’) of various institutions in Nigeria is currently active. Follow the instructions below to check your name.

NYSC Senate List - 2019/2020 Mobilization List for all Institution - Check Batch B and Batch C list PDF

Now that you are done with your undergraduate studies in school, accept my congratulations for scaling through. It’s not easy at all.

A lot of graduates by now know what’s the next thing after graduation, which the National Youth Service Corps popularly known as NYSC.

Please note that you can’t go for service without getting clearance from your school first, you need to make sure that all your bills are paid (school fees + dues and levies) then finally you need to have with you your statement of results signed by your school with you before going to camp.

NYSC SENATE LIST- Mobilization List Batch B 2019/2020

The Uploading of batch B senate list starts from 6th to 25th May 

The Printing of call up letter is on has been concluded click here to see the steps for that

Once you are done with your school, what comes next is usually the mobilization stuff, you have to get mobilized first before you can participate in the program which normally last a year or 11 months.

How to Check NYSC Senate List 2019/2020

Now let me show you how to check Your name if it’s in the mobilization list for 2019/2020.

Firstly, ensure you have a data connection on your device. Also, you can check the list on your computer or on your mobile phone but make sure you have a data connection.

  • Launch your browser and visit the NYSC portal https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc2/VerifySenateLists.aspx and https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc1/VerifySenateLists.aspx
  • on the drop list make sure you select the institution you graduated from
  • a space will be shown to you where you are expected to enter your name and Jamb Matriculation number.
  • make sure that your details are correct, cross check one more time before hitting the search button.
  • allow it to load, once it finish loading you will see your details such as your names and institution. once it appears it means you are among those going for service. if you didn’t see your names then it means your school has not sent your name yet.
  • Please note that if you are for batch A or batch B any of those batches will still be split into stream 1 and 2.

now those that did their registration on time will likely see their names on stream 1 while those that did late registration will likely see their names on stream 2.

So Endeavor that you do your registration on time don’t slack if it means staying overnight but ensure your safety first please.

one of the things i do is that i will. make sure that they capture my finger print then i either make use of my system or phone to complete the registration if I notice that the system is slow during the day.

Most terms you will see while registering your details on nysc portal are:

  • PCM- this means prospective corp member
  • PPA- this means place of primary assignment
  • LGA this means local government area
  • LI-this means local inspector
  • ZI-this means zonal inspector
  • CLO-this means corper liaison officer
  • CDS-this means community development service
  • SAED– this means skill and entrepreneurial development
  • SEC- secretariat
  • CC- camp commandant
  • State co-ordinator

If you have any question about NYSC Senate List – mobilization list 2019/2020, kindly let us know in the comment section below.