Top 5 Computer Science Jobs

Top 5 Computer Science Jobs

The world has advanced so much, over the past couple of decades, when people believed that computers had no future. In the 40s, computers were like massive washing machines, that had very little functionality and so, many could never envision them being of any real use. However, today, computers are handheld, they can be carried in a purse or pocket, which we refer to as smartphones.

Computers are now everywhere, society has become almost overly dependent on them. Computers do everything for us, except think for us, though that’s still debatable. So, in a computer dependant world, you’re left with an increasing demand for computer experts of various skills and fields. Even as robots take control of the assembly lines, these robots still require software to run, which is designed by someone. Current statistics puts the level of growth in robotics alone, at around 15% by the year 2022. Whether we’re talking about retail, finance, manufacturing or healthcare, computer science has become integral to its success.

Top 5 Computer Science Jobs

Below are 5 top jobs that a computer science major may want to venture into:

  1. Software Developer

A software developer is tasked with creating programs, which allows users to carry out tasks on a plethora of different devices, such as tablets, mobile phones and computers. These developers are responsible for the entire process, which may entail testing and maintenance of the program.

A software developer must have the required problem solving skills to be able to solve a problem as and when it arrives. They also need to be fluent in a programming language, in order to write the code for the application.

Communication is also another big part of it, and so, a software developer must have the required skills to secure the right information from the end user to make a program that meets specification.

Software developers can make in excess of $100k per year, but this depends on a number of factors.

  1. Database Administrator

The job of a database administrator is to evaluate and analyse the data needs of the user. They improve and develop data resources which are used to retrieve and store vital information.

A successful database administrator requires the problem solving skills of a computer science major in order to identify and repair database issues, and to modify systems to meet the users ever evolving needs.

A successful database administrator can make up to $90k, with projected median income set to improve over the next couple of years. So it’s an occupation with good future prospects.

  1. Computer Network Architect

The role of the computer network architect is to implement, design and maintain network and data communication nodes, which may include wide area networks, local area networks, intranets and extranets. They are also tasked with accessing organisation needs for communications and data sharing.

A computer network architect must also evaluate services and products available in the marketplace. System testing is carried out before implementation, and problems are resolved as and when they are discovered by the architect.

A successful computer network architect must have great analytical skills, to be able to evaluate networks.

The median income for someone working in this field is around $105k, making it one of the more lucrative posts. With incomes set to increase by 6% by the year 2026.

  1. Computer and Information Systems Managers

The job of the computer and information systems manager is to analyse computer technology needs and also watch over the implementation of data systems. Software, networking, hardware and other such technology must be evaluated by the manager for both development and purchase needs.

A computer and information systems manager must also supervise and train staff, which means interpersonal skills must be of a high standard. They also must have the appropriate leadership skills to command a team.

Median income for someone working in this position is around $140k, with incomes set to increase by 10% by the year 2026, so another very lucrative position that may interest you.

  1. Web Developer

The role of the web developer is to access user needs for information resources. They are the ones tasked with putting together the technical structure of websites, and ensuring that the sites pages are accessible and easy to download on the many different browsers and interfaces.

A web developer must be able to structure a site to maximize the number of visitors it gets through the search engines. They must have the appropriate level of communication and creativity to be able to meet the needs of those they intend to visit the sites.

Current statistics puts median income for a web developer at around $70k, with a projected 15% growth by 2026. So, although not immediately lucrative, it’s definitely an occupation with a lot of future growth.


Uchenna Ani-Okoye is a former IT Manager who now runs his own computer support website where he writes extensively on computer related issues