Civic Education Primary School Examination Questions

Civic Education Primary School Examination Questions-Second Terminal Examination 2018/2019 & 2020 Session

Class:             Primary Three

Subject:        Civic Education

  1. Some of the problems of the local government include the following. (a) corruption among officials (b) creating problems in the society (c) generating revenue for developmental purpose.
  2. Some of these attributes include: (a) heat and treating of oneness (b) love for one another (c) none of the above
  3. Duties of community/traditional leaders are _______? (a) maintaining traditional laws and custom of the community (b) in every community, there is always a leader (c) none of the above
  4. What is citizenship? (a) citizenship id the right a person has for belonging to a particular country (b) other ethnic communities have their own  leader too (c) is the duty of a community leader to get the people to work together.
  5. What is cultural diversity? (a) it is important for us to understand one another so that we can live in peace (b) we must learn to trust one another (c) we will live in harmony with each other.
  6. Values means ______ (a) values are ideas about what is right and wrong, or what is important in life (b) I love my culture value (c) I also love my culture.
  7. This and this are traditional leaders? (a) Eze for the Igbo (b) Oba for the Yeruba (c) Kingsmaker
  8. The local government is headed by _____ and _____ (a) teacher and pupils (b) trader and buyer (c) chairman and councillors.
  9. The governor, Chief Executive, Deputy, Commissioners, Head of service and Secretary are the _____ (a) state government (b) local government (c) market
  10. State and local government co-operation brings ______ (a) economic improvement (b) amenities (c) none of the above
  11. Responsibility of children to their parents. (a) to show respect (b) to dance (c) to quarrel
  12. Children dust the ______? (a) room daily (b) eating (c) standing
  13. Some of examples of civic value include_____ (a) dedication (b) superior (c) stability  
  14. Citizens should always respect ____ and ____ (a) government officials and community leaders (b) pastors and elders in the church (c) none of the above

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