How to Apply for Albania Visa in Nigeria

How to Apply for Albania Visa in Nigeria — A simple guide

If it is your dream to find yourself in Europe, in any medium level economic European country, and it is your dream to apply for a visa for the country and succeed, then you should consider traveling to the European country of Albania. In this write-up, we will provide you with Albania facts and give necessary information concerning Albania visa, visa application requirements, and Albania embassy in Nigeria. Keep reading because many interesting and important details lie ahead.

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The Republic of Albania (or commonly Albania) is a small country on the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe. The capital of the country is Tirana. It is also the largest and most developed city in the country.
The Lek (or Albanian Lek) is the official currency used for economic and other business activities in the country.

The languages recognized and spoken in Albania include

  • Greek
  • Aromanian
  • Macedonian
  • Others

Foreigners who intend to travel to Albania either for tourism, studying or business are expected to apply for an Albania visa at the local embassies in their respective countries. It is also important for you to get a little knowledge of any of the languages listed above before proceeding to move to Albania, not that it is a basic requirement, but knowing how to relate with one or two Albanians in their languages may be helpful for you as a non-citizen of the country.

There is nothing to worry about concerning obtain a visa to Albania in Nigeria, studying living and doing business or working in Albania because all the information that you need has been included in this article.

Reasons to study or live in Albania

After crosschecking all things with all measures in place, we have come to a conclusion with the following candid reasons why we think that studying, working, living or doing business in Albania is not a bad idea

  • The people of Albania are welcoming to visitors and foreigners irrespective of your tribe, race, nation or religion
  • The cost of living in Albania is low. In fact, lower than living in some cities in Nigeria like Abuja, Lagos, etc
  • The cost of tuition for educational and commercial institutions is cheap compared to many schools in other parts of Europe and even Nigeria
  • There are many highly standard educational institutions and schools in Albania
  • Certificates of Albanian educational institutions are standard and well recognized globally
  • There are many research opportunities for learning and development of students in Albania
  • There are jobs and business opportunities in Albania because of the absence of high competition in the country

How to apply?

The one and only way you can apply for a visa for Albania in Nigeria as a Nigerian is to know and obtain the requirements and necessary documents expected of you by the Albanian immigration, and representatives in Nigeria. After which you can then proceed to the embassy or representatives of Albania in Nigeria for your visa application and visa interview.

Types of visas

  1. Student visa
  2. Business visa
  3. Tourist visa
  4. Transit visa


1. For Student Visa

  • You are expected to apply for an admission into any tertiary institution in Albania of your choice. When granted the admission, you should download or collect either an admission letter or acceptance form from the institution and include it in the documents you need for applying for an Albania Student visa
  • Receipt of payment of tuition fees
  • Two recent passport photos which must be identical
  • A valid international passport
  • A valid visa application form which must be correctly filled and signed by you the applicant
  • Visa fee payment receipt
  • Previous educational certificates
  • Flight booking
  • Proof of acommodation or hotel booking in Albania
  • Proof of sufficient funds that is capable of taking care of all your expenses from traveling to Albania, to accommodation, to tuition fees for all the period of time you will stay in Albania
  • Additional requirements for underage people and people with sponsors, such as — birth certificate, sponsors ID card, consent form from parents/sponsor, sponsor’s bank statement of account, etc

2. For business and tourist visa

  • A valid international passport
  • Recent passport photographs
  • A valid visa application form
  • Business registration or license in Nigeria
  • Birth certificate
  • health certificate
  • Police clearance
  • Recent statement of account from your bank in Nigeria showing that you have sufficient funds for your trip, accommodation in Albania, and for the purpose of your business
  • Marital certificate if you’re married
  • Flight booking and Hotel reservation
  • Mandatory visa application fee

Where to apply?

The only genuine way to apply for visas for any countries generally in Nigeria is by going to the embassy, consulate or representatives of the country you intend to travel to, here in Nigeria. But in this regard, unfortunately, as at the time of writing this article, there are no known embassies, consulates, or representatives of Albania in Nigeria.

The only way for you is to contact the Albanian representive of Africa in Egypt and proceed with your application.

Albania Embassy in Egypt

27, El Gezira Al Wost Zamalek, Cairo Egypt.

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