How to Apply for Andorra Visa in Nigeria

Following our most recent article on How to apply for Albania visa in Nigeria, we bring you another exclusive detailed guide on how you can apply for Andorra visa in Nigeria following just these simple procedures we have provided on this article. Endeavour to read through carefully till the end, and make use of the comments box at the end of this topic if you need more of our assistance. Our team is always available and ready to assist you.

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The Principality of the valleys of Andorra (or just Andorra) is a very small independent country (or principality) located between France and Spain in Europe. It is a country that is popular for resort, tourism, and business life, particularly the capital of the country Andorra La Vella.

Also of great value in the country are natural resources such as timber, lead, iron ore, mineral water and hydropower. The presence of these abundantly available natural resources in Andorra ensures the availability of jobs and numerous opportunities for citizens of the country as well as foreigners.

How to Apply for Andorra Visa in Nigeria

Andorra is the highest inhabited country in Europe, and it’s official currency for banking and economic activities is the Euro (€).

How to apply for Andorra visa?

Andorra visa application in Nigeria is really very easy. There’s no need to involve agents or middlemen who always charge ridiculous amounts just to do for you the things you can easily do for yourself.

All you need is to gather genuine documents that are required to support your visa application, a visa fee, a legitimate reason why you want to travel to the country, and your self confidence.

When you have assembled all the requirements listed below, you can proceed to the embassy or official representative of Andorra here in Nigeria for your visa application.


  • Genuine birth certificate
  • Valid national passport
  • Recent passport size photographs
  • Visa application fee of $45
  • Police clearance from the Nigerian police department
  • Health certificate showing that you’re not carrying any communicable diseases
  • Proof of accommodation or hotel booking tickets
  • flight ticket reservation
  • A completely and properly filled and signed visa application form that will be issued at the embassy
  • Your Bank’s statement of account showing your transactions within the last three months, and also showing available funds capable of taking care of all your expenses throughout your stay in the country
  • Marital certificate if applicable
  • Admission letter is required from the school in Andorra, if your purpose of traveling to the country is for schooling
  • An original invitation letter will be demanded from you if you are going to the country based on an invitation you receive for a job, a business, or a resident of Andorra

Types of visa

This mini list states the types of visas available for Nigerians interested in going for any legitimate purposes. You are expected to obtain the requirements above according to the types of visas listed as follows —

  • Andorra transit visa
  • Andorra business visa
  • Andorra tourist visa
  • Andorra medical visa
  • Andorra study visa
  • Andorra work visa
  • Andorra media visa

Where to go?

Have you assembled all the documents we have listed above? Are the documents genuine?

Bear in mind that any document missing from the list of essential requirements may cause your visa application to be rejected. Also note any documents found not to be genuine will lead to a delay in your visa application process, and subsequent denial by the embassy.

If your answer to the above questions YES, then proceed to the representatives of Andorra here in Nigeria for your visa application and visa interview.

Representatives of Andorra

Because Andorra is a very small country, there are no direct representatives here in Nigeria. Instead, applicants are allowed to apply for their visas at the French embassy and visa application and collection offices in Nigeria.

Consulate General of France in Nigeria

1 Oyinkan Abayomi Drive, Ikoyi-Lagos

Tel: (01) 462.8484 | +234.1.462.8484
Email: [email protected]

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