How to Apply for Costa Rican Visa in Nigeria — to Study, Live and Work in Costa Rica

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If you have ever thought of traveling to Costa Rica for any purpose either for schooling, studying or working, I believe that one or more of the above questions must have gone through your mind. You need not to worry any further for as long as you’ve found this webpage, we have got you covered. All the questions about Costa Rica that has been going through your mind will be vividly treated in this article so that you will understand all that you need to know concerning Costa Rica, how to apply for and obtain a Costa Rican Visa in Nigeria, and how to study, live or work in Costa Rica.

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About Costa Rica

Costa Rica (meaning Rich Coast) known officially as the Republic of Costa Rica is a Central American country. It’s capital and most popular city is San Jose.

The official currency used for economic and other activities is the Costa Rican Colon. English is spoken in the country alongside many other native languages.

How to Apply for Costa Rican Visa in Nigeria — to Study, Live and Work in Costa Rica

It is illegal to be found in Costa Rica and many other countries in the world without a legal document which is a visa, and that is the reason why applying for a visa in Nigeria is very essential and should be the first thought to be considered whenever you entertain the thought of leaving the shores of Nigeria.


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Types of Costa Rica Visas

There are different types Costa Rica visas you can apply for when going on a trip to the country. The type of visa that is applicable to you depends on your purpose of going to the country —

  1. If your purpose of entering the country is for schooling then the Student Visa is for you. For this visa application to be successful you are expected to obtain an admission into any of the educational institutions in Costa Rica. The proof all this shall be requested during the time of your application.
  2. If you intend to go to the country in other to trade, do business, or engage in any other economic activities that are legal, then the Business Visa is the type of visa that you should apply for during your application.
  3. If your interest in the country is for fun and leisure, then the Tourist Visa applies to you.
  4. For Nigerians going to the country for just short time visit to see friends, family, or officials and partners, they will be issued a Visitor Visa by the embassy.
  5. The Costa Rican Work Visa applies to residents of the country who wants to work and earn a living. This visa is usually issued after you might have gotten a document of residency.
  6. The last major type of visa which can be obtained by foreigners is the Transit Visa. This type of visa is issued to foreigners including Nigerians who intend to visit some other country but has to pass through Costa Rica first.

NOTE: The documents required for all the visa types must be authentic. Any missing information at the time of applying for a visa will lead to a low chance of success.


  • A visa application form should be downloaded from here and then filled and signed by you.
  • You are expected to have an international passport that is valid
  • Recently taken passport photos
  • An authentic birth certificate
  • Criminal record from the Nigerian police department
  • Visa application fee of $50
  • Health certificate showing that you’re healthy, and have also taken the Yellow fever vaccine
  • Acceptance letter from the school you applied for in Costa Rica if you’re interested in a student visa
  • Business license showing that you’re a genuine, registered business man/woman in Nigeria
  • Letter of appointment or employment from the organization or institution in Costa Rica if you’re going to the country for the purpose of working
  • Any other documents that can boost your chances of being successful

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How can I apply?

Have you assembled all the necessary required documents listed above? If your answer to the question is yes, then you can apply for a visa all by yourself by proceeding to the Costa Rican embassy in Nigeria.

The unfortunate thing is that there is no Costa Rican embassy in Nigeria. The only thing you can do in this scenario is to apply for a visa to the United States of America or you can also apply for a visa to Canada and then proceed to Costa Rica directly from those countries without stress.


We have come to the end of the exclusive topic How to apply for a visa to Costa Rica. It is our utmost belief that every detail you seek has been revealed in this article. We also expect you to follow the instructions and guidelines in the article carefully so as to do the right thing and be successful with your Costa Rica visa application.

Best of luck.

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