How to Apply for Dominica Visa in Nigeria

How to Apply for Dominica Visa in Nigeria – An easy guide

You see, not too many people from Nigeria who apply for visas to big name countries like China, U.S., and Canada are fortunate to be successful in their visa application. Not that they didn’t meet up with all the required documents, but usually due to the fact that those countries are known as “hot cakes”. Reason being that they are always in demand and on the list of many people traveling abroad for schooling, business, pleasure, or for pursuit of greener pastures.

When people aim that big, they usually forget about some other beneficial countries, or, they simply do not know about these other countries, which is why we have taken responsibility to research these “not well known” countries, pick them out one by one, and provide you with all you need to know concerning such countries, how to get into them, and how to go about it.

It is on that note that we have decided to enlighten you about Dominica.

Some other countries you can visit:


Dominica, officially known as the Commonwealth of Dominica (not to be confused with Dominican Republic) is a small island nation in the Caribbean.

How to Apply for Dominica Visa in Nigeria
Dominica and Dominican Republic are two different countries

Roseau which is the capital and largest city in the country serves as a dwelling ground to many Nigerians and other non-citizens living in the country, and making success in many aspects.

Foreigners are well and properly accepted in the country as well as there’s no suspicion of threat or illegal businesses.

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What you should know

You should know that in order for Nigerians and citizens of other countries to enter the country, they first have to collect a visa from the local embassy of Dominica in their respective countries.

Dominica is strict with its visa policy, so it would not be advisable for you to be found in the country illegally, as in, without a valid visa.

Visa requirements

There are three types of Dominica visas, and Nigerians can be issued any of them depending on their choice of activity in the country. The types of visas include —

  • Tourist Visa
  • Transit Visa
  • Business Visa

Now, these visas can only be issued to Nigerians who possess the genuine copies of the following requirements:

  • A valid national passport
  • Recent passport photos
  • A filled visa application form
  • A business license
  • A certified health certificate
  • Police certificate
  • Marital certificate if any
  • Birth certificate
  • Evidence of group travel if any
  • Hotel and flight booking confirmation
  • An invitation letter from a resident of the country if any
  • Visa processing fee of $80 which is compulsory for Nigerians
  • Any other documents that can support your visa application

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What should I do?

If you have assembled all the necessary documents listed above, and you’re sure that you have provided all of them genuine, no forgery, your next line of action should be to apply for either a Costa Rica or Jamaica visa ince you can not directly apply for a Dominican visa here in Nigeria as at the time of writing this article. Costa Rica and Jamaica are one of the two countries nearest to Dominica and their embassies are located in various cities in Nigeria.

Good luck with your application. Please use the comments box below to reach us if there are any other information or enquiries regarding How to Apply for a Dominica Visa in Nigeria.