How to Apply for Peruvian Visa in Nigeria | Study, Live and Work in Peru

About Peru

Peru (officially the Republic of Peru) is a small country located in the western part of the South American continent. Lima is the country’s capital. It is also the largest and most socially and economically advanced city in Peru.

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The official currency used for economic and other activities is the Peruvian Sol. Peruvians speak Spanish as their official language used in schools and also for business transaction but may also speak Quechua or other ethnic languages.

This article is intended to inform you about all you need to know concerning Peru, how to get a Peru visa in Nigeria, where to get a Peruvian visa in Nigeria, the requirements for a Peru visa for Nigerians, where the Peruvian embassy in located in Nigeria, how much it costs to obtain a visa to Peru in Nigeria, and other important information we have gathered from our research. It is important that you follow this article carefully so as to see how you can apply for a visa to enter Peru either to school or work permanently all by yourself without needing to pay any third-party agents to do anything for you.

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Peruvian Visa

The first thing you have to bear in mind as an individual (or a group) traveling to Peru is the need for a visa. Foreigners (including Nigerians) and non-citizens who intend to enter the country for the purpose of schooling, tourism, business, visitation, research, or for any other reasons are expected to have a Peruvian visa. Without one, you will not be allowed into the country.

There are five different types of visas which you can use in going to Peru, and each one of them depends on the purpose of your intention in the country. Currently, the types of visas which are issued out to intending travelers include —

  1. Peruvian Study Visa — This is the type of visa that is required from Nigerians who plan to study when they get to Peru. The major requirement for this particular type of Peruvian visa is an admission letter or acceptance form from the educational institution of your choice in Peru. You may apply for a Peru study visa without a proof of admission into an educational body in Peru if you like, but I cannot assure you of any success without the necessary documents.
  2. Peruvian Business Visa — This is the second type of visa required from Nigerians. Peru welcomes immigrants with no conditions, but are always happy to welcome businessmen and businesswomen into the country especially if their businesses are legitimate and approved by the Peruvian law. Nigerians going to the country for the purpose of trading or doing business will be issued this visa for a reasonable fee of $50.
  3. Peruvian Tourist Visa — This visa is issued to foreigners who wish to visit the country for a short period of time just for fun and leisure activities.
  4. Peruvian Transit Visa — Is meant for travelers passing through Peru to other destinations. This visa is valid for only three days.
  5. Peruvian Work Visa — This is the last type of Peruvian visa on our list. If you’re going to Peru for a job, this is the visa for you. You are expected to provide evidence that you have obtained a job in Peru during the time of your Visa application.

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Visa requirements

The following are the necessary documents and requirements you need to assemble before you proceed to apply for a Peruvian visa:

  • A completely filled and signed visa application form which can be obtained at the Peruvian embassy in Nigeria
  • A valid international passport
  • A copy of the front page of your valid international passport
  • Recent passport photos showing your picture clearly
  • Avoid using a passport photo that you are wearing glasses in
  • A cover letter written by you stating the reason for your travel to Peru
  • Evidence of group travel if you are going to Peru as a group
  • Bank statement of account with a valid bank stamp showing that you have available funds sufficient for taking care of all your financial necessities during your stay in the country
  • A valid document showing that your business is licensed and registered, assuming you’re going to the country for business
  • Employment letter is also required if your aim of entering the country is for an available job
  • Admission letter or a notice of acceptance from the educational institution in Peru is required for Immigrants going to the South American country to study
  • Birth certificate
  • Health certificate showing that you’re healthy as of the time of application
  • Police statement showing that you’re not a criminal
  • Marital status
  • Peruvian visa fee which may differ slightly according to the type of visa you’re applying for

NOTE: Additional documents may be required from you depending on the type of visa you are going for, so it is advisable to go fully prepared with everything that can support your application.

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How can I apply for a Visa?

It is advisable to apply for a visa to Peru ONLY at the Peruvian embassy in Nigeria. This is because there are many dangerous fraudsters and fake travel agent who are everywhere looking for easy prey to deceive and cart away with their hard earned money. It is on that note that we advise you to proceed to the embassy in Nigeria to apply for a Peruvian visa in person, by yourself, without any stress.

Embassy of Peru

The embassy of Peru in Nigeria is located in Abuja at

Plot 1075 Diplomatic Drive, Central District Area, Abuja
Tel: (234)-9-461-4000
Email: [email protected]

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Working in Peru

Nigerians who are interested in working in Peru should exercise no worries because they are allowed to do so. It is very easy for foreigners to work in Peru, LEGALLY.

However, you are expected to collect a special visa known as “Foreign Resident ID Card”. With it, you are allowed to work in Peru for as long as you want. An initial payment of $200 is expected from you, while you continue to pay $20 every year.


We have reached the end of the article How to get a visa to Peru in Nigeria and we believe that if you go through this guide concisely and follow every step carefully, you will be able to apply for a Peruvian visa all by yourself without paying anybody a kobo.

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