How to Apply for Trinidad and Tobago Visa in Nigeria

Trinidad and Tobago is another amazing North American country. It is also among the most conducive countries for immigrants looking for a place to study, live, go on vacation, or those seeking for greener pastures.

This article is meant for you, your friends, family or anybody that you know at all that has been considering going to Trinidad and Tobago for anything at all but has been confused on how to go about it. Exercise doubts and worries no more because we have got you covered.

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About the Country

Trinidad and Tobago is a Caribbean country near Venezuela that is made up of two different islands; one of them is Trinidad which is the largest and most populous of the two, while the other one is known as Tobago. There are also two different capitals in the country, one on each island.

How to Apply for Trinidad and Tobago Visa in Nigeria
The two islands that make up the country of Trinidad and Tobago

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Trinidad and Tobago proud itself as one of the wealthiest nations in the Caribbean region because of it’s diversification into the oil and gas sector which makes up a high percentage of the gross income of the economy.

How to Apply for Trinidad and Tobago Visa in Nigeria
A refinery in Trinidad

The country also sits as a tourist attraction to both citizens and foreigners who visit parts of the country for it’s beaches, rich cultural festivals and the food. Their economic and educational sectors are also wonderful, which is why we are providing you with all the information on this well researched and properly documented article that will guide you through all that you need in order to be well equipped for the visa application procedure.

We advise you to make sure you follow this article thoroughly in order to fully understand what the requirements for applying for a visa to Trinidad and Tobago entails for Nigerians, so that your application can be successful.

Recently, the men of the Nigerian police department arrested and paraded some groups of fake Trinidad and Tobago visa agents and embassy here in Nigeria. This article and your authentic documents is all you need so that you can apply for your visa by yourself easily without falling into the trap of these false agents that will deceive you and swindle you of your hard earned money.

Requirements for a Trinidadian Visa

In order for you to enter the country for any reason you have to apply for and secure a visa. Depending on your purpose in the country, these are the major types of visas that Nigerians can enter the country with —

  • Business visa
  • Vacation visa
  • Visit visa
  • Study visa


The following documents are mandatory for your application of a Trinidadian Visa:

  • A valid international passport
  • An authentic birth certificate
  • Recent passport photographs
  • A police report from the Nigerian police showing that you’re not a criminal
  • Authentic financial statement from your bank in Nigeria showing that you’re financially secured
  • A health certificate from a certified Nigerian hospital showing that you’re healthy
  • If you’re going to the country for the purpose of schooling, it is advisable to first apply for the admission into any school of your choice in Trinidad and Tobago, obtain the admission, and collect the admission letter or acceptance form from the school (all this can be done online here in Nigeria) before you proceed with the visa application
  • Marital certificate if married
  • Proof of business registration for business men and women
  • Hotel and flight booking receipts
  • A nonrefundable visa application fee of N4,000 (Four thousand Naira only)
  • For those going to the country just for tourism and visitation, a payment of a refundable security deposit of N560,000 that is refunded when the visitor returns to Nigeria from Trinidad and Tobago is required

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How can I apply?

The one way that you can apply for a Trinidad and Tobago visa here in Nigeria is by going to the genuine representative of the country here in Nigeria. We have provided you the correct addresses and contacts of the Genuine representative of Trinidad and Tobago here in Nigeria so that you won’t encounter any difficulties or false agents and embassy officers parading themselves looking for people to deceive.

Where to go?

We advise that if you have assembled all the necessary requirements (authentic documents only), kindly proceed to the following addresses for your visa application —


High commission of Trinidad and Tobago

3A Tiamlyu Savage Street Victoria Island P.O. Box 6392 Lagos – Nigeria

Tel: 01-2341-261-2087


High commission for the republic of Trinidad and Tobago

7 Casablanca Street, (Off Nairobi/Aminu Kano Crescent), Wuse II, Abuja – Nigeria

Tel: +234 9 8702438 | 4611118 | 8702438 |08039607774

Email: [email protected] | [email protected]


Office Hours: From 10:00 – 15:00 | Mon – Fri

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Best of luck.

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