How to Apply for Uruguayan Visa in Nigeria| Study, Live and Work in Uruguay

How to Apply for Uruguayan Visa in Nigeria| Study, Live and Work in Uruguay

Are you a Nigerian citizen living in Nigeria? Have you ever thought of traveling out of the country to any destination at all, but you’re sceptical about where to travel to that is suitable for you as a Nigerian? This article about How to apply for and get a Uruguayan Visa is guaranteed to be helpful to you in considering if you should make the South American country your next destination.

Our last article on How To apply for a Visa to Brazil easily in Nigeria drew a lot of people’s attention to our helpful guidelines, and we’re going to be providing another helpful guideline with the aim of assisting you in your quest to get a visa to enter Uruguay by yourself without paying any agent or middleman to do it for you.

Most times, these agents are usually the opposite of what they present themselves as, thereby causing you troubles after carting away with your money without delivering the correct services you paid for. By going through this simple and explanatory article carefully, you will be able to apply for the Visa yourself and possibly go on to succeed.

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About Uruguay

For those who are not too familiar with the country, Uruguay (officially known as the oriental republic of Uruguay) is a country in the South American continent. It is located on the southeast coast close to Argentina and it’s capital is Montevideo where many economic and social activities happen.

How to Apply for Uruguayan Visa in Nigeria| Study, Live and Work in Uruguay

The official currency used for trading, business and many other commercial and economic purposes is known as the Uruguayan Peso.

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Types of Uruguayan Visas

There are two main types of visas which people from Nigeria can use to travel to Uruguay:

  • Tourist Visa — This visa is meant mostly for people who intend to enter the country for the purpose of visiting for a short period of time either for tourism or for visiting friends or family
  • Business Visa — This is the second type of visa available to travelers from Nigeria. As the name suggests, the Uruguayan business visa is meant mainly for those entering the country for the sole purpose of doing business legitimately

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The following documents are required from you for you to apply for a Uruguayan visa. Bear in mind that your application might be unsuccessful if any of these requirements are unavailable

  • Recent passport photographs
  • valid international passport
  • Birth certificates
  • Statement of health from a certified hospital in Nigeria
  • Statement of your bank account showing that you have sufficient funds, enough to take care of your needs in the country
  • A completely filled and signed application form
  • Clearance form from the Nigerian police
  • Consular fee of $42
  • Decent and presentable appearance
  • Any other documents that can support your application

Methods of application

Best way Nigerians apply for their visas to Uruguay is by going to the Uruguayan representative in Nigeria

Embassy of Uruguay in Nigeria

The consulate of Uruguay which is located in Abuja and Lagos are the only Uruguayan representatives in Nigeria, therefore we will be providing you with their correct addresses and contacts below –

Uruguayan Honorary Consulate in Lagos, Nigeria

Saka Jojo Street, Plot 979, Victoria Island, Lagos – Nigeria
Tel: (01) 261.6430 | + | +
Fax: (01) 261.9477
Email: [email protected]

Uruguayan Honorary Consulate in Abuja, Nigeria
Salatu Royal estate, Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja – Nigeria
Tel: (+234) (0) 907 080 0087

Email: [email protected]
Facebook page:

Office opens on

  • Monday to Thursday from 09.30 – 13.30
  • Friday from 09.30 – 12.30

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Tips for travelers

This are a few helpful tips for intending travelers from Nigeria. In order to remain safe and sound it is advisable to bear the following in mind when visiting or residing in Uruguay:

  • First and foremost when moving to Uruguay, you need to be prepared for a different kind of weather, very different from what you have been used to in Nigeria. There’s a lot of cold during the cold seasons, and the strong winds also deserve your attention.
  • The capital of the country is Montevideo. There are many wonderful cities in Uruguay but we specially suggest that you visit Montevideo if you’re going there for schooling or for opportunities. Many Nigerians are also in the city to assist you and put you through
  • Our reasons for specifying Uruguay for you to visit as a Nigerian are numerous, but one of the most important reasons is that Uruguay is a considerate and tolerant country. You can enter Uruguay with the normal tourist visa and proceed to look for a job in Uruguay, before applying for a permanent resident permit once you have found a job, unlike many other countries
  • Make sure you respect the customs, religion and culture of the Uruguayans
  • Always dispose off dirt and litter properly. Doing the “Naija style” whereby you dump dirt anywhere you like can lead to your persecution
  • Learning some simple terms like greeting and showing appreciation in the local language of the country will go a long way to win people’s hearts for you
  • Avoid urchins and thugs whenever you find any
  • Take permissions before taking pictures of things, people, and properties
  • The visa application process can take between 1 to 4 weeks so you need to be patient
  • If you do everything correctly and legally be assured that there’s a very high chance of success for you. Exercise no fears nor doubts

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