Offline Referral Examples for Digital Marketing Templates

Offline Referral Examples for Digital Marketing Templates

Referral marketing is basically“Word Of Mouth” marketing. This type of marketing the consumer works in promoting the product according to the experience of that product or service.  Offline referral marketing is considered as one of the best types of marketing and better than others. This is because this form of marketing depends upon the trust factor. People on the basis of their own experience refer the products and services to others and this help in the promotion of company growth and product.

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Let’s take a practical example: will your product because the shopkeeper is saying that it is a good one or will you go for the suggestion your friend give you about purchasing the product?  Well, the answer is so simple you will go for the suggestion that your friend has given you because you trust him or her. Directly or indirectly your friend has promoted that product or service by convincing you to purchase that and use that. Now if you got convinced about the service then you will separate to your friend or family and then you will also become one of the potential customers of the company and a referral also.  Hence this is the concept of offline marketing or we can say referral marketing. To get more details about the referral marketing you may also visit Web marketing 123 – Offline referrals

As we have stated that offline referral marketing is much powerful than the other types of marketing hence it is important to implement the referral programs in offline business is also.

Examples for Digital Marketing Templates

First of all, you need to understand the referral program types. As we have stated above that a referral program is basically the process in which the consumer referred the product and services of your business to other people. In offline business is the referral comes in the form of a “visit” or “purchasing”. You can enhance the “visit” or “purchase” by:

Rewarding the referrer

This is the easiest method is to reward the referral. Referral is basically the customer who is already using your services and products. You need to give them the rewards when they refer your products and services to other friends and the referred Friends purchase the same. For example, you are running or gym, you introduced a referral program stating if a person refers his or her friend and then that friend sign up for the membership in the gym then the referrer will be rewarded.

Rewarding the friend

There are many people who find referral codes useless because they did not get anything from the codes. You can also change this thinking by adding rewards for the friends or the person who receives the referral code. The reward can be in the form of a discount on the next purchasing. This will enhance the promotion of your business and also the person will work as a referrer for your business.

Reward the referrer and friend both

You can also reward referrer and the friend both at the same time. Now it’s all up on you that you want to reward them separately or divide the rewarding amount into 50-50.

Decide what you are going to refer

It is also important to decide what reward you are going to provide to the customers and their referrals. The referral program cannot be succeeded without any reward. While deciding the reward it is important to consider that what does the customer care about and will they do repeat purchase or not. These two points will help you in deciding that either you need to give the cash discount or percentage discounts. You can also follow the rule like if the price of a particular item is more than $100 then you can go for a cash discount and if the price is a bit low then you can give the % discount on that particular service.

Implementation of referral program in business

From the above information, you must be clear about the fact that what type of rewards you can provide and to whom you are going to provide the reward. Now the next step to consider is implementing the referral program in your business. Without a referral program, you cannot reward the person or the customer.

So it is important to implement that program also. You can easily launch the referral program either by creating coupons for informing your customers. For creating coupons you need to print the coupons. The coupon will have the details about the reward that the Customer is going to receive. The reward can be either a free product or free cash or any service to redeem. Now, you need to inform your customers about the referral program. For that either you can do announcements, or can add the coupons to the payment received or can use the billboards or Hoarding.